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Updated on May 19, 2012

Is it organic or is it Memorex?

It's really hard to know if this is organic, "traditional" or GMO. About the only guarantee is if you grew it yourself!
It's really hard to know if this is organic, "traditional" or GMO. About the only guarantee is if you grew it yourself!

Ripping off Health Conscious with Factory Farm “Organics”

Not everything that you eat with the label “organic” is in fact organic. It seems that we now have “organic” and “Honest to God Organic”. Often times, when in the supermarket shopping for organic, you may in fact be paying organic prices for so called “traditional” produce that hides a multitude of sins like pesticides, growth hormones, anti-biotics and genetic modification. About the only thing organic in organic-wash foods, is the label itself provided it's not plastic. This practice throws doubt on everything labelled organic as it may be anything but. In the end, the only real way to find out if something is indeed organic is to do one or more of the three following things.

  • Police the farm armed with knowledge and buy local

  • Grow it yourself organically

  • Learn to harvest wild and bio-diverse

“The Cornucopia Institute has released a report that exposes widespread abuses in the production of organic eggs, primarily by large factory farms. The study compares management practices employed by small organic egg farmers with those of large industrial operations that label eggs 'organic' that have been produced by chickens confined by the hundreds of thousands in industrial facilities.

According to Cornucopia News:

"After visiting over 15% of the certified egg farms in the United States, and surveying all name-brand and private-label industry marketers, it's obvious that a high percentage of the eggs on the market should be labelled 'produced with organic feed' rather than bearing the USDA-certified organic logo," said Mark A. Kastel, The Cornucopia Institute's co-director and senior farm policy analyst."
Eighty percent of all organic eggs are produced by a handful of operations. Most of these businesses own hundreds of thousands to millions of birds and market a percentage of their produce as 'speciality eggs,' one of which is organic. Most of the giant hen-houses used by these factory farms provide no legitimate access to the outdoors, which is a requirement of federal organic regulations.

"Many of these operators are gaming the system by providing minute enclosed porches, with roofs and concrete or wood flooring, and calling these structures 'the outdoors,'" stated Charlotte Vallaeys, a farm policy analyst with Cornucopia and lead author of the report.

"Many of the porches represent just 3 to 5 percent of the square footage of the main building housing the birds. That means 95 percent or more of the birds have absolutely no access whatsoever."

Cornucopia News also tells us, family farm-scale organic egg farmers will challenge agribusiness lobbyists at the October 25 meeting of the NOSB (National Organic Standards Board).” (1)

We see the foregoing as part and symptomatic of the capitalist system that gives us noting by chronic lies, censorship and terror. The organic-wash that has been exposed in this case is likely not limited to eggs, but runs the gamut of food production. This has parallels in the bottled water sector of the economy where rampant misrepresentation is the norm rather than the exception. It is a standard joke that Ontario bottled water consumers are drinking BC tap water and BC consumers are drinking Ontario tap water, all of it trucked with a big fat carbon footprint in the process. We have also heard that some of the “pure glacial water” is shipped from India to every market that will buy this lie. There is also the fact that the green product market is awash with green-wash products that are only green by claims found on the label. All of this so that people who don't challenge any of this think they are eating and drinking healthy and using green products. This is a copy-cat process cashing in on new crazes and fashions, just as imitation Rolex watches are not the real thing, nor imitation name brand clothes are not the fashion statement people think. Indeed, with all this lying, we can say that capitalism presents us the truth and the much rarer “Honest to God Truth”. With lies that brought us the foreclosure swindle where two of three banks lay claim to homes without even having proper paperwork, the tsunami of scams and fraud on the net, it's a wonder that the system is even running. Such is the anarchy of capitalist economy. Given this, who can we as people protect ourselves from this deceit?

When shopping for food, avoid anything that is not clear as to what it is and that may be covered by such terms as “natural flavour”, contains anything other than what it says it is, i.e., blueberry juice should have blueberry content and not apple, grape, sugar, natural flavours or a long list of unpronounceable chemical ingredients. Labelling contents are not universal and some “natural” contents may be GMO sourced or preserved by being irradiated. For real produce, shop local farms and if you have any doubt, go to the farm in question and see for yourself. Are the chickens really free range? If they are, you should see them running free on the farm. As for bottled water; get a filtration system and forget adding more plastic bottles to the Pacific Ocean. Carry a reusable bottle for water on the go from your filtration system.

You'll never know what is in your food, unless you grow it yourself. This may mean finding some place where you can grow food items under your own supervision using organic growing techniques. In the city it may be difficult, but there is guerrilla gardening and container growing. Some cities also allow people to have their own chickens for producing eggs. Allow these to be as free range as possible in your own yard. However, having a milk cow in the city is a bit impracticable. You may find a small milking goat useful instead, especially if you have a yard.

Most cities also have a variety of local and wild edibles around for the having in season. You will need to know what you can eat and when and where it is available. In many cities, there are oak trees that produce acorns in the fall. Gather these and process them as they are a good source of wild food. So too are hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts. There are wild greens and berries so get to know what is around and what is edible. These are almost never organic-wash or green-wash as they rely solely on nature to provide for their growth. In the case of older trees, they are not GMO either.

Unfortunately, Codex Alimentarius (2) has made growing organic, herbal supplements and collecting wild food illegal in the US. Canada and Europe has like legislation. So, whether you grow and harvest marijuana or collect wild chestnuts or other delectable items, you run foul of the law with fines and/or imprisonment. The concept of Codex Alimentarius (3) is to bring the entire food web under the control of agribusiness and international pharmaceuticals. Thus, in order to get a herbal or organic supplement, you will need a prescription from your family physician and the item is likely to cost more and have no more guarantee of being what is claimed than what has been explained above. Conspiracy theorists make claims that this is part of an endgame global engineered famine to get rid of 97 percent of humanity. However, for the sake of making a profit from masses of consumers, this is a self defeating and contradictory argument. What it really means is the end of small ma and pa type farms in the favour of huge agribusiness farming corporations that want total control of growing food resources to sell to humanity. You can't sell produce to the dead. We will agree however, that making people weak and ill is to the advantage of pharmaceutical companies as this will provide a ready market for all their nostrums. To do this, they have to restrict alternate medicines through the capitalist version of “scientific medicine”. Unfortunately, some on the left have fallen for this ruse and have unwittingly handed over control to agribusiness and big pharmaceuticals in the name of “scientific medicine” that has no more science in it other than Marx's understanding of capitalist economy. But we have seen capitalist “science” at work in other areas such as the economy and what ruin this has caused in its wake.

If people are going to have any democratic control of what they say or eat, they will have to do it in the context of a collectivist socialist planned economy where the toilers run the government and economy at the international, regional and local level to the benefit of all. Food and medicine for people; not profit!






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    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      9 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      It is all true and education must play a big part. I am highly critical of the way many self styled Marxist attempt to force the situation and wind up creating the opposite of what they claimed to be creating. This us why a substantial part of the change must come from within as a spiritual development. By spiritual, I mean how we regard and treat our fellow beings. It is only too true that the forced situation never works. And yet, no matter where we look, whether via the so called Marxist direction or from imperialist imposing their ideas by force around the world, the end result is the same. There is much to work out and as you put it "organic".

      Today we live in a world crammed with wealth so that everyone can have their basic needs met. Yet this is not happening. The problem has many sources, such as ignorance, logistics, distribution, greed, egoism and theories as to how life should work. In the objective truth, no one at any time has solved the problems in their entirety. Some, like the Inca were very close to a real working solution and all without the aid of our modern technology. We with all our robots and wealth seem to be further away from solving poverty and issues of censorship and coercion than ever. I am against totalitarianism, but will not flinch when I find some truth, no matter where it is sourced from. No one is entirely right and no one is entirely wrong.

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      9 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      I did read your hub on The Inca. I believed I commented on it. The Inca society worked so well because the economic arrangements were organic to it, and were accepted apparently as natural by The Incas themselves. The problem with the "marxist" solutions that have been tried in the modern world is that they were largely, imposed by force on people who didnt really want them, by fanatics who just happened to believe that their way was the only possible way, and that consequently all opposition was to be considered "counter revolutionary" and should therefore be elliminated. Hence the term "Totalitarianism". This is what will always happen in societies where one group tries to impose their ideology on the rest, especially if they try to do it in a hurry. Prime examples can be seen in the aftermath of The French and the Russian revolutions, and the "great leap forward" and the "cultural revolution" in China. Similar effects were felt in Nazi Germany when Hitler outlawed all opposition, and then turned on the Jews. Your ideas may be good, but unless, you can introduce them gradually by educating people as to their utility, they will be remembered as no better than those "revolutions" that went before them.

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      9 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Under the current system we have a lot of misery too. Consider the world repercussions of the economic implosion caused by speculations resulting in a busting real estate bubble. According to the US governments own stats, 4 million formerly working people have become the new poor. I recognize that Marx was no god, nor for that matter neither was Keynes nor Friedman, nor Rand. So called Marxist socialism became degenerate under the likes of arch criminals like Stalin, Mao Tse Dung, Pol Pot and others like the Shining Path, all of whom caused enormous suffering and mass murder. I agree, we do not want to go down such paths. We have to do better than that. We need a truly egalitarian society with economic democracy. We do not have that now, anywhere in the world. Instead, we have misrepresentations, lies, propaganda and coercion. We should learn the lessons of history and improve. The idea of a planned economy is one where we strive to overcome speculative bubbles that wind up causing as much misery in their own way as the tactics of a Stalin and a Hitler did in theirs. Thus, I'm not advising going down the limited path of Marxist socialism, but a path that is more concerned with the sum of humanity and the planet on which we live and should have far more respect. To do this, will require a spiritual self examination on the part of everyone as well. If we say food for profit for instance, then your own children may starve because they cannot exist due to the profiteering of entities like Codex Alimentarius. There are many issues involved and we can't restrict ourselves to past solutions, though they do have some answers that can be carried forward. If we look at the Inca society before the Spaniards did it in, we find an egalitarian society were no one was in want and crime was virtually unheard of. You should check out my hub on the Inca for this. In the mean time, I thank you for your concerned input.

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      9 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      A lot of what you say is very interesting, but I would not advise anyone to go down the route of "marxist socialism" when we consider all the misery and death that that particular system has brought the world.


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