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Ornate your house with unique designer furniture

Updated on May 10, 2013
Drift & earthen wood stands
Drift & earthen wood stands

Art has always taught humanity to love nature in its own existence rather than its artificial beautification. Drift and earthen wood is another form of art that has its abstract appearance perfectly sketched, curved and shaped by nature's own hand. In today's age, people yearn desperately to reveal their uniqueness in every form,Drift & earthen wood - Nature's art which has quiet become a trend. This trend has given rise to many art businesses where they have enhanced their works from mere canvas sheets to more solid commodity markets. Among all such designer things, the most trendy items are the interior decorative items of houses, where every one have their extreme endeavor to give the most abstract and unique artistic touch to every corner of their dream house.

Nature's own collection of designer furniture - Drift & earthen wood

Designer Furniture plays an important role in this context, where their perfection can convert any dull space into a desirable living ambiance. So when it comes to make the choice of perfect furniture, Drift wood and earthen items can inevitably match your artistic inclination towards your kind of uniqueness. The best part of these furniture are that it acquires its natural abstract shape right from the hands of nature, so every piece has its own unique story of more than 300 years old along with its shape and design. These are not the cut trees but the roots of dead trees that have remained under the ground for more than 300 years. So you also don't have to compromise with your nature lover's heart while buying it.

These furniture can be availed in every form of art like flower vases, stools, stands etc. However, in comparison to all other drift wood furniture, there is one special kind of drift wood that is being manufactured in the hills of Darjeeling, India. The specialty about their pieces symbolizes the culture attached with every piece that you ornate in your house. It also speaks the story of the natural heritage forest that once covered the hills with its aromatic fruits.The wood used is the root of a special tree ( cinnamomum cecido-daphne) that has its sacred space in the hearts of the tribes who belong to this beautiful place covered with green lusciousness of Neora Valley National park. It's a small village in North Bengal state of India, under the civil district of Darjeeling and can also be named as the origin of these aromatic drift and earthen wood items, where they have some specialties that are matchless. They use the wood as incense for praying, so they never use it for such purposes that have the possibility of revealing their disrespect towards it, for example floor planks, chairs etc. The wood also gives a healing aroma that can enchant your senses with relaxation. The local tribe use the wood for medicinal purpose,where they feed its powdered paste to the patient for curing throat and sinusitis problems.

The unique designs::

As mentioned earlier, you cannot avail the special features of this wood in form of chairs and flooring materials but you have various other range of products like flower vases, corner tables, stools, stands, abstract show pieces etc. Every piece you buy will be the last piece as it can never be imitated because of the natural abstract pattern of roots. The aroma can also fill your rooms with the freshness of cascaded air that can heal the stressed minds of the visitors.. The endeavor of promoting these works also have added an extra advantage in the environmental perspective because now it has also become a part of income source for the unemployed tribal villagers of this village - Samsing

Special features of Samsing Drift& earthen wood:

1. It's eco-friendly as you can just be assured that your love for unique designs have not cost the nature to loose its greenery.

2. Its exclusive designs can never be imitated, so you know better that your choice can never be reborn making it more unique than you can imagine.

3. The enchanting aroma of the wood can act as a room- freshener for your house, bringing the nature's own scent of chastity.

4. It is also a social contribution towards the artisans to become a part of sustainable livelihood schemes that teaches them to save their natural resources.

5. As the roots used will have been stayed under the earth for more than 300 years, you can confirm its durability that can become one of your collections of antiquities.

So ultimately you can now add the freshness of North Bengal's most preferred tourist spot- Samsing in you own urbanized house with more intense feeling of uniqueness derived from nature.


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