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Ortho Mattress Review: How to Get a Good Sleep

Updated on February 15, 2012
Ortho Mattress is the top mattress to combat your back pain
Ortho Mattress is the top mattress to combat your back pain

What is Ortho Mattress?

Ortho mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in the world. The way Ortho mattresses are creating makes them special. The Ortho mattresses are created from polyurethane silicon plastic, which is famous in the world for its capability to distribute weight and pressure equally. What does that do to you? Usually, mattresses form a shape of your body in them when you sleep, and, eventually, unequal pressure and weight distribution makes your body hurt. However, Ortho mattresses prevent that and they allow you to get a good night sleep without any back or neck pain.

Additionally, the mattresses are created with the help of doctors who specialize in back and spine pains. During the research, the combined forces of the Ortho Mattress and the pediatricians created the best mattress to fight your back pain.

The Benefits of Ortho Mattress

The main benefit of Ortho Mattress is it is good for your health. As I mentioned before, Ortho Mattress helps to prevent back, spine and neck pains. It does that by providing extra cushioning for your back and weak areas of your body. In addition, polyurethane silicon plastic forms the shape of your body giving you more comfort when you sleep. When you sleep better, in the mornings, you wake up easier and happier. That leads to having more energy throughout the day and better quality of your life.

Furthermore, Ortho mattresses are made from a long-lasting material. While many other competitors can two to three years, Ortho mattress can last more than 5 years. It has actually been scientifically proven that Ortho mattress can last up to 10 years! However, when you buy Ortho Mattress, you need to get it from reputable sellers. There are many fake Ortho mattresses being sold nowadays.

Cost of Ortho Mattress

There are many variations of Ortho Mattresses. The cheapest variation of Ortho Mattress is Advantage Eurotop, which costs $399.99. There are more expensive variations: Dreamer Firm ($499.99), Dreamer Plush ($599.99), Dreamer Eurotop and Regency Firm, both costing $699.99. The most expensive models of Ortho Mattress starts at $749.99 - Regency Plush. Regency Pillow Top costs $799.99, Capri Plush Firm being $899.99, Capri Super Pillow Top costs $999.99, and the most expensive Ortho Mattress is Conform Eurotop, which costs $1099.99. All of the mattresses named above are from the category Doctors Preferred.

However, there is another category, called Summerhill and Bischop. Unfortunately, these mattresses are even more expensive than Doctors Preferred mattresses: Pembridge Firm ($949.99), Pembridge Pillow Top ($1049.99), Elgin Firm ($1149.99), Elgin Pillow Top ($1249.99), Nurland Plush ($1249.99), and the most expensive Ortho Mattress Nurland Pillow Top, costing $1349.99.

However, keep in mind that all of these price are the official prices on the website. I believe there are cheaper sources where you can buy Ortho Mattress, including the couple of sources that I provide in this article.

My Recommendation for Mattreses

I have found couple of websites that offer the cheapest prices for mattresses. Here's the list:


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