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Our Journey to going off grid

Updated on January 18, 2016

The first step in changing the way we live.

We started our preparedness about 10 years ago. A lot of you might understand a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. It’s not any easy thing to do. Prepping for the future with food storage, herbal medicines, first aid and much more on a limited budget is not an easy thing to accomplish. Let me tell you it can be done. Moving on with our story we searched for our perfect property in Pennsylvania where my husband I had both grown up and raised at children. The criteria we had for our ideal property was that it needed to secluded and we knew for sure we wanted woods for hunting, a live stream running on the property and enough room so we could raise farm animals and grow our own food. To find this kind of property in Pennsylvania when you have bad credit and struggle with the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle is an impossibility, so I extended my search for the perfect property. Don’t get me wrong I love Pennsylvania it’s where I grew up but it is a Commonwealth state. There are a lot of rules and regulations there and not a whole lot of freedom to do what you want to. Especially when you live on a strict budget. So my search continued. This is where we used to live. I will show you what we see every day on our new homestead after I tell you a little more about our search for our off grid prepping property later.

This was our back yard.

Finding the property

I had friends that live here in Missouri which is where we relocated to and how we found our wonderful property but it was not any easy thing to do. For a lack of better words we took a leap of faith. Originally I found a property that had 22 acres, 4 out buildings and a barn for twenty thousand dollars. I know a steal right! My husband and I decided to take a small vacation and drive to Missouri from Pennsylvania. Yes it is a very long drive! When we got here we had a matter of two days to look at a few properties then drive back to Pennsylvania. It took us two days to get here and two days to get back home because we had our son with us so we stopped overnight at hotels both ways. We got her and I had set up a few appointments to see a few properties and the next day we called the realtor and he became very defensive about the fact that he had made the appointments on the day before and we hadn’t shown up. In our defense I simply replied that I had told him when we were going to be here and that it was his fault. Needless to say we didn’t get to see any of the properties. My friend called a different realtor and she got us in to see one property and then lied to us about where we are now living on.

Car view of the property

This is the road that leads to our 31 acre homestead. We had never seen the property except in pictures sent by email so for lack of a better term I guess you could say we took a giant leap of faith. Our homestead has ten acres of hay field, ten acres of woods with a spring fed stream on it and eleven acres that are cleared. When we got here to the property it was September 1st, 2015 and we have never been happier. It was not easy to leave everything we knew and all of our loved ones behind and it was really sad to do it but they can come here whenever they want. Right now we are renting to own so I have time to clear up my credit and get a mortgage. Here is a picture of the spring fed stream.

Isn't it beautiful!

The spring fed stream is fantastic! I will tell you that it’s not an easy thing to move over a thousand miles away where you don’t know anyone, maybe a few people who you might talk to online but have never met in person. That is how we found our paradise. We also got fifteen hogs that are a pastured heritage breed and six chickens with the property. We have already accomplished starting a self-sustaining homestead with just those two things. Over the years I have taught myself how to can and dry food for long term storage and I have also become a certified herbalist. On the note of herbalism I have to tell you the plants that grow here are way different then the plants I could go out and wild craft at home. Learning how identify, harvest and preserve your herbs for medicine will be in a different article. Just remember herbalism is a constant learning experience. Anyway, here’s the chicken run and the piglets that we know have.

The chicken run

The piglets..Aren't they too cute!

You Can do this

If we can do this so can you. Granted there is a lot of emotion involved when you move as far away as we did and we also left a lot of our stuff behind because we didn’t have enough money to bring it along. Set your needs up to your specifications and start looking for it. If all those people in the world who think or dream every day about leaving the day to day grind stone and becoming a self-sustaining if they only knew how would do it. I believe the world would be a better place for it.

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    • mactavers profile image


      3 years ago

      The property looks beautiful and kudos to your family for trying something different. I've known three families who lived off the grid, and one that built their own home out of rammed earth. One lasted two years, one five and the other nine. None regretted their choice, but a major health issue, a divorce due to very limited social contacts and their children's education were issues that made them leave their off the grid lifestyle. So my best advice would be to begin your preparation for home schooling with planned social events for your children, plan for social interaction for you and your husband, and save for emergencies and your children's education.


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