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Outdoor Clock and Thermometer Buying Tips

Updated on September 27, 2011

Find an Outdoor Clock and Thermometer for Your Home

For those who spend time outside, having an outdoor clock and thermometer can be handy. There are some beautiful designs available to enhance the look of your patio, deck, garden, or pool.

On this page, we will outline some of the important features of these devices to help you make a good choice. Then you will find a wide variety of designs from which to choose whether you prefer a tropical look, something sleek and modern, a natural/earthy flavor, or a classic old world design.

Tips on Selecting an Outdoor Clock and Thermometer

There are a few features you should consider when choosing one of these devices. Here are some important things to think about:

  • Readability
    Outdoor clock thermometer combinations can vary in size. Some are 9 inches and others are as large as 24 inches. Certainly if you need to read the clock from far away, a larger size is preferrable. Another thing to consider as far as being able to read the device easily, is the color and contrast. Ideally, the hands and numbers will contrast with the background. For instance, a white background with black numerals and hands will be easier to read than a tan background with brown numerals and hands. Choosing a clock thermometer with an attractive background is important but remember, if it is very "cluttered", it will make the clock harder to read from a distance.

  • Durability
    Although some outdoor clock and thermometer devices will perform best under cover such as on a patio, under a deck awning, or something similar, they should all be able to tolerate temperature changes, humidity, fog, and wind. Having a glass covered face can help protect it, but being constructed with durable materials is most important. Resin, aluminum, cast iron, tile, and various metals can perform well outdoors so there are many options and many different looks.

  • Accurate time
    Some outdoor clocks are radio controlled. These tend to be the most accurate because they synchronize with the US atomic clock routinely. Some of these devices will also automatically adjust for daylight savings time which is a nice convenience feature that makes a clock low maintenance.

  • Weather Information
    Most of these devices will have a temperature range at which they will measure and display the information; this should be reported in their literature. If you will be checking the temperature year round, you'll need a greater range. Some of them will measure not only temperature, but humidity as well.

  • Design
    Sure, an outdoor clock and thermometer can enhance your home's appeal. There are finishes and designs that should enhance the look of your patio, screened porch, deck, pool, or garden. You'll find tropical themes, garden themes, and more. Wicker, tile, terra cotta, copper, iron, and other materials are available to add beauty to your living area.

One final thing to consider is that of customer satisfaction. One of the advantages of shopping online is the ease of finding feedback from current customers. Each outdoor clock and thermometer that you click on this page will show any feedback from consumers who have previously purchased that item. Customer feedback can tell you how the product performs in the real world, and whether the quality is what you hope for when making your purchase.


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    • profile image

      mehtalopa 7 years ago

      Yes that clock just looks cool in the outdoors.

      Thanks for the post.


    • profile image

      Winson 8 years ago

      For outdoor clock and thermometer, I would suggest to the 3-in-1 gadget which measure the temperature, time and hygrometer. It is crucial to know the humid density to predict the weather.

    • ruthcpatton profile image

      ruthcpatton 8 years ago

      You bring up some good points:-) We have been wanting to buy an outdoor clock to go by the pool, but keep second guessing which one would be right. Good hub:-)