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Outdoor Decorating, How to use artwork and decorations in your landscaping.

Updated on April 29, 2013

Decorating the Outdoors

Decorating your outdoor spaces can create a better visual curb apeal for your home or a nicer looking backyard oasis. There are many ways you can decorate and use various object to make your yard look visually appealing. I like to use various things I can make, find, and create to make my yard the way I want it to be.

Garden Stones

Stepping Stone in my garden
Stepping Stone in my garden | Source

Concrete Stones

Concrete stones can be beautiful accents. These can easily be made with stones, glass, concrete, and various other items. My mom used to use cake pans as the mold. I have seen them made several way with the bottom of the cake pan being the top of the stone and vice versa.

The stone above was made using the bottom as the bottom and then imprinting into the top of the cement. This is one of my favorites that was made for me by my babysitter and kids several years ago.

My mom used stained glass to create designs and then poured the cement over it so that the glass was set at the top of the stone.

How to create Stepping Stones

My Neighbors Decorations

Aren't the neighbor decorations lovely? As these tall grasses grown I hopefully won't be able to see this.
Aren't the neighbor decorations lovely? As these tall grasses grown I hopefully won't be able to see this. | Source

Hiding the Ugly

This is my first attempt at hiding the ugly that is my neighbors backyard, I know you see the ugly right now. In those lovely planters it tall grasses that supposedly will grow to be a mature 6 to 7 feet high. I will be happy with 4-5 feet right now or something to block out the mess and their children.

Unfortunately that is their fence and I can exactly add height onto it, it was there when we bought the house but the mess have gotten exponentially worse since we moved in. This is plan of attack number one. We plan on building a new deck in the next few years, the next deck will have a privacy something to block it out.


I made this planter from a friends leftover stones from her wedding center pieces, crafty and reusing.
I made this planter from a friends leftover stones from her wedding center pieces, crafty and reusing. | Source

A Simple Trellis

A trellis makes a bold statement on the front of the house this or without plants.
A trellis makes a bold statement on the front of the house this or without plants. | Source


This simple and easy DIY project consisted of covering a basic planter and could turn any planter into a visual beauty. Mine was not a great masterpiece I have to admit but the idea is there. Go to goodwill, buy colorful and even ugly plates with good color. Smash the plates to pieces and grout them on the planter in a fun attractive design.

The Trellis

This simple trellis adorns the front of our house. The presence of the trellis changed the entire look and focal point of the house. I am still attempting to grow ivy or some other climbing plant on it but I have yet to be successful. I think the rabbits keep eating my plantings.

Think about simple place were a trellis would add intrigue and beauty with or without the plants. Ugly fences that need to be covered? Siding that has a few issues? Find a way to make it look nicer in just a few easy steps.

An outdoor sculpture
An outdoor sculpture | Source

Ceramic Statues

You cna find many different types of ceramic garden statues in various sizes and décor. These angles reading were given to use for our wedding and adorn our garden area. Some people prefer garden gnomes or various other garden creatures.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Be Creative

Be creative in your decorating. Use what you have and make things from second hand finds. I have seen very creative and beautiful yard decorations from old furniture, china, and other nostalgic items. Just don't make it look like you have a junk yard.

My sister always told us that art doesn't have to be anything. Art can be anything and keep an eye open for things that can enhance your yard and make it yours.


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