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Outdoor Heated Mats - Electric Snow Melting Mats Melt Ice Away The Easy Way

Updated on February 15, 2012

Slippery sidewalks, garden paths and driveways are one of the less desireable aspects of wintertime but you can save yourself a lot of hassle with electric heated snow melting mats . When winter comes with a vengeance, out come the shovels from storage to clean snow away from the paths and sidewalks and out too come the brooms and brushes to clean off the car and so on. Keeping a path or entryway clear can become a full time job in parts of the country where heavy snowfall is a regular occurrence but there are some solutions which can make life easier. Electric heated sidewalk mats are one such solution which can save you a lot of time and effort by melting snow and slippery ice without the backbreaking effort of scraping and shoveling.

Heated outdoor mats for melting snow and ice are ideal for people who are physically unable to get out there and clear it away themselves. So if you worry about your old mom slipping on an icy pathway or are concerned about your family’s wellbeing on those days when you can’t get out there and clear it away yourself, then an electric snow melting mat might be just what you need.

These kinds of outdoor heated mats are great for home or commercial use and are available in various sizes and lengths. If you need a longer area covered, then most manufacturers make it possible to chain their heated outdoor floor pads together to cover an entire pathway or slope. For more complex areas like steps which can be very dangerous during the winter, you can also find electric stair treads which are a smaller step size to remove the slippery stuff from individual stairs.

The majority of outdoor snow removal mats use of heating elements sandwiched between heavy duty rubber to provide enough heat to melt up to and around 2 inches of accumlated snow and ice per hour in order to keep your pathway clear and safe for you, your family and any visitors to your home or place of business. Heatable snow melt mats are designed to be left outside all through the winter season so you can lay them down and just enjoy the benefits until the cold weather is over. They are rugged and portable and can be used anywhere there is a suitable electrical outlet within reach.

People use these to keep walkways and entrance areas clear in a wide variety of locations. They are great for melting ice and hard frost and protecting you against the liabilty of slippery icy walkways in your home or for communual locations like churches, retail stores, community centers, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, clinics and more. Anywhere where there is an access ramp, especially say, for handicapped access, these are the ideal solution to keep ice from building up and becoming a danger.

Heatable snow melting mats make a lot of common sense especially if you have elderly relatives with potentially dangerous access routes into their homes or if you own a place of business and would rather avoid the liability of a slippery entrance way. These do this without the use of harsh chemicals or salt and will keep you and yours safe for years to come.

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