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The Best Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Your Kids Will Love Them!

Updated on March 7, 2012

Beautiful and Fun Filled Room Kits For Your Child's Room!

In this page, you will find some really beautiful and fun filled peel and stick wall decals for children. I really wish I had access to view such products online in my childhood, so that I could persuade my parents to get me such stuff. It really looks neat!

The peel and stick decals come as part of a room kit which you can use to help decorate your child's room. There are many stickers available which you can just peel off from their sheets and stick on without any messy glue. They are easily removable and if you want you can place them on top of ceilings or on any furniture piece too! Since it's removable, you can decide to make do without them anytime you want.

Make your child's room worth remembering with these room kits! Have fun!

The products showcased on this page are from this Online Store.

The Room Kits

Jungle Room Kit
Jungle Room Kit
Outer Space Room Kit
Outer Space Room Kit
Undersea Adventure Room Kit
Undersea Adventure Room Kit
Funberry Farms Room Kit
Funberry Farms Room Kit
Princess Room Kit
Princess Room Kit
Soccer Room Kit
Soccer Room Kit

The Jungle Complete Room Kit Includes :

54 amazing peel and stick room decorations!

# Laurence, the Lion (26.4"w)

# Flora, the Flamingo (18.9"h)

# Zenanna, the Giraffe (22.8"h)

# Chumper, the Elephant (24.4"w)

# Zephyr, the Tiger (28"w)

# Schnapper, the Crocodile (17.3"w)

# YoYo, the Cheeky Monkey (18.1"w)

# Sage, the Wise Old Tortoise (13"w)

# Slinky, the Snake on Jungle Tree (70.1"h)

# Croak, the Frog

# 6 Giant Leaves

# 4 Tufts of Grass

# 5 Jungle Vines

# Flit, the Dragon Fly

# Nip and Nat - 2 Buddy Bugs

# Again-Again and Repeteta - Parrots

# 4 Pairs of Peeping Eyes

# 8 Muddy Paws

They are washable, removable and restickable!

Outer Space Complete Room Kit Includes :

 # Planet Adastra (Yellow/Lilac) (29.5"w)

# Planet Jaffa (Pink/Orange) (26"w)

# Planet Fizzle (Purple/Light Blue) (22.4"w)

# "Whoosh" Strip (40.9"h)

# "FTS10" Rocket with Alfie the Alien (50.8"h)

# "Earth from Space" Section (31.9"h)

# 5 Shooting Stars

# 53 Silver Stars

Undersea Adventure Complete Room Kit Includes :

# Jewel-filled Treasure Chest (18.9"h)

# Walter, the Wallowing Whale with blow hole and funny fish (18.1"h)

# Dara, the happy-go-lucky Dolphin (23.2"h)

# Ollie, the Giant, Giggly Octopus (18.5"w)

# Long Anchor and Rope (29.9"h)

# 62 Splash-About Bubbles

# 13 Cuttings of Curly Seaweed

# 6 Assorted Seashells

# Bibble, Babble, and Bubble - 3 "Biglippa" Fish

# Eenie Mo, Meenie Mo, and Mynie Mo - 3 Cheeky, Stripy Fish

# Squiggle and Giggle - 2 Wiggly Worms

# Sebastian and Sabrina - 2 Happy Seahorses

Funberry Farms Complete Room Kit Includes :

# Mother Sheep (6.4"h)

# Lamb & Fence (8.4"h)

# 3 Leaping Lambs (4.5" - 5.5"h)

# Doobie, the Pony (14.7"h)

# 2 Trees (7" & 10")

# 6 Tufts of Grass (1.9"h)

# Danté, the Donkey & Stable Scene (35.4"h)

# Wheat Sack (6.2"h)

# Digger, the Dog & Hen Coop (19"h)

# Ruffled Rooster (6.8"h)
# 5 Cheeky Chicks (1.9" - 3.5"h)

# Farmyard Pond (26")

# Mother Hen (9"h)

# Messy Kittens in Milk (9.8"h)

# 2 Geese (3.1" - 5.9"h)

# Geraldine, the Goat & Duckling (6.8"h)

# 2 Racing Rabbits (4.5"h)

# Barrel, Cart Wheel & Piglet (10.6"h)

# Penunia, the Pig (6.1"h)

# White Chicken (6.1"h)

# Funberry Farm Sign (11.8")

# Daphne, the Cow (15.3"h)

# Blossom, the Calf (10.6"h)

# Doink, the Piglet, Bales of Hay, Mice & Kitten (13")
# 7 Pieces of Horizon Hedge

# 27 Pieces of Fence

# 5 Flying Birds

# 9 Fluffy Clouds

# 5 Butterflies

# 4 Mice

Princess Complete Room Sticker Kit Includes :

66 adorable wall stickers - full of hearts and happiness.

Soccer Complete Room Sticker Kit Includes :

28 Football Room Makeover Kit Stickers.



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    • twogroce profile image


      8 years ago

      I had not heard of "room kits" before, nice work. Thank you for sharing the information.


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