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Perfect Espresso at Home with the Essenza

Updated on May 26, 2008

Do you love a great cup of espresso? How'd you like to be able to make your own espresso at home just as quickly and easily as if you were making a pot of regular automatic drip coffee? You can do just that when you add the Nespresso Essenza Flow Stop to your collection of small kitchen appliances.

A subsidiary of the the Nestlé Group Nespresso has improved on its original manual espresso maker with the introduction of the Nespresso Essenza Flow Stop model. This fully automated espresso maker is designed just for true coffee connoisseurs who relish the idea of being able to enjoy fresh and delicious espresso at home any time they want, with minimal effort and time.

You'll enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every single time, with just the touch of a button. Whether you prefer espresso or Lungo size cups, your Essenza will have a perfect cup prepared for you in no time at all. The machine is fully equipped with buttons you can reprogram yourself, ensuring that you can enjoy an absolutely perfect cup of your favorite beverage any time you like.

You can even program the machine to utilize the exact quantity you prefer in your freshly brewed and delicious gourmet coffee. You can even set the Essenza up to brew different size cups using different amounts of coffee at different times during the day. If you prefer stronger coffee in the morning, you can customize the machine to make the perfect morning cup for you, and yet still set it up so that it'll automatically brew less potent espresso for you during the afternoon and evening hours.

Since you'll likely want to leave your Nespresso Essenza Flow Stop on your kitchen countertop for frequent use, you'll be happy to learn that this small appliance is available in different models and colors. You'll be able to choose a design and color that coordinates perfectly with your kitchen décor, enabling you to utilize this tool as an extension of your decorating scheme rather than an intrusion in what is likely the most frequently used and visited room of your home.

The Perfect Gift?

If you have friends and relatives who are coffee aficionados, you probably can't go wrong with a gift of an Nespresso Essenza Flow Stop automatic espresso machine. Don't stop yourself from considering this option just because the person you're shopping for already has a coffee maker. This innovative small appliance is not just another coffee maker. True coffee lovers will greatly appreciate having such a high quality and easy to use option for brewing delicious, rich espresso in their own kitchens.


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