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How To Keep Your Yard Safe From Pests

Updated on March 20, 2014

Pest infestation is a common problem faced by a large number of home owners all over the world. No matter where you live, you would face the problems of pest infestation at some time of time. If you have suffering pest problems in your home and are looking for pest control tips online, you may find that there are is a sea of information available. However, you must know that majority of the blogs and websites provide tips to get rid of pests give you tips only to get rid indoor pest infestation. The real problem, however, lies outside. The root cause of the pest problem usually lies in the external area of your property such as the yard that surrounds you home.

It is virtually impossible to have a home which is completely free of insect or bug infestation but if you find that there are too much of bugs inside your home, it is time that you take some serious pest control action. The following yard pest control tips will greatly help you to address the root cause and keep your home free and safe from pests:

  • Ensure your lawn is clear: The tall, overgrown grass in the garden or lawn area is a fertile ground for insects to thrive. It is therefore essential that you keep a close eye on the grass and cut is short. It is equally important that you get rid of the debris such as fallen leaves or dead foliage scattered over the lawn. These are the common places where the insects live and lay their eggs. Remove the weeds and unwanted plants and keep the hedges of the shrubs trimmed. This will significantly help in keep your home safe from pests.

Clean the Lawn
Clean the Lawn
  • Clear the puddles: Stagnant water and puddles are a great attraction to the insects. It is therefore essential that you clear all the excessive water in your yard. Water creates and mixture and removing the water will keep the place dry and free from pests. It is best advisable that you water your lawn early in the morning so that it has more time to dry. During rainy season keep a close eye on your yards, make sure that there are no drainage problems or other ways that would create puddles.

Clean the Puddle
Clean the Puddle
  • Keep the gutters clean: If you have a overflowing or clogged gutter around your home, it is inevitable that pools of water would be formed, which is a huge breeding ground for pests. It is therefore pivotal that you clean the gutters around your home regularly.

Clean the Gutter
Clean the Gutter
  • Don’t throw your food: Pests are attracted the most by food. Ants are the best example of this truth, they are found almost in every house near the food sources. If there are food stuff lying scatter around your home, it is inevitable that you would have insects and pests around your home and thus make their way inside your home. Food sources like fallen fruits, food garbage attract pests. It is therefore essential that you avoid throwing food stuff around to reduce pest invasion.

Don't throw the food
Don't throw the food
  • Keep the pest magnets at a safe distance from home: Common things like wood piles, compost heaps work like a magnet to attract pest. If you can not eliminate these things totally make sure that you keep such at a distance from your home to prevent the pests entering your home.

Wood Pile Compost Heap
Wood Pile Compost Heap

Thus, by keeping your yard clean can go a long way in keep your home safe and protected from pest infestation. You must take that the key to efficient pest control is to keep your lawn, yard and other outer area around your home clean at times. You must check your lawn and yard area periodically and clean all the debris and water pools formed on it. It is also important to know that different insects attack your hoe in different seasons and understanding the relationship between outdoor and indoor pest control would greatly help you keep your home free from pests.


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