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The 3 Plants to Put in Your Philippine Condominium

Updated on December 17, 2009

Imagine yourself living in a Real Estate property in Metro Manila. You actually get the best – and the worst of both worlds. What am I talk ing about? Read up!:

  • You get to be closer to the establishments in the Metro
  • You’re in view of one of the best sunsets in the world (and I’m not biased!)
  • Nearer to the biggest and busiest business districts in the metro (this actually makes life a bit easier since traffic is horrible these das in Metro Manila)
  • Now it’s not all pretty living in the Metro, you also get closer to the smog of the city – the deadly pollution.

As of last checking, Metro Manila air pollution accounts for 12% of deaths in the region due to a variety of air related diseases. Scary isn’t it?

Perhaps you like living in the Metro and you even have a condominium right there in the city – what can a person do? I have just the tip – why not put plants inside our condominium unit? But not just any ordinary plant, why not these 3 which are included in the top 10 of Nasa’s most purifying plants? Purify your indoor air to combat the impurities you’ll be getting outside your door step.

Bamboo Palm (Nasa purifying score: 8.4)

Has a low water requirement(moist as opposed to wet), the Bamboo Palm or Chamaedorea seifrizii or Reed Palm grows in indirect sunlight.

It doesn’t bode well in too much water so as soon as you see water build up at the bottom of the pot or planter, throw it out as this may cause leaf tips to yellow and the stem to rot.

Mother In Law’s Tongue (Nasa purifying score unknown)

I often spot this plant in malls and it surprises me no more. It’s very low upkeep makes it popular in establishments or at the sides of streets. It can reach up to five feet tall, and won’t require you to have a green thumb. The Mother in law’s tongue or Sansevieria Laurentii or Snake Plant looks very intriguting too and can be a brilliant conversation piece in your flat or pad. Survives in both full sunlight or very low. Doesn’t even need that much space – nor watering too. A caveat all parts of the plant are poisonous when ingested.

Ficus Alii (Nasa purifying score of 7.7)

The Ficus Alii or the Ficus maglelilandii has narrow dark green leaves. It’s a slow growing plant. Although it’s score is not as high as the first one, it’s purifying qualities is still a force to be reckoned with. A warning: got latex allergies, wear gloves because when the leaves are cut, a white sticky zap oozes from the cut (latex), used to make natural rubber products.

These are just some of the plants NASA recommends to help you purify your home, which can consist of toxins, pesticides, smoke, detergent, cleaner fumes, mold and other harmful chemicals. Although having these plants will not guarantee a toxin-free home, you can rely on them to help you lighten your air pollution prpblems.

How about you? What plants have you brought in for your condominium or flat? Any suggestions?


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    • profile image

      ana 7 years ago

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    • homesweetmanila profile image

      homesweetmanila 8 years ago from Philippines

      thank you tim-tim for your kind words :) i also like bamboo but like you my house is not so conducive for plants that need a lot of sunlight. good thing there are plants that don't need as much :) thank you again!

    • tim-tim profile image

      Priscilla Chan 8 years ago from Normal, Illinois

      Love all three plants. My problem is with the Ficus, I killed so many of them. I still have the Mother In Law's Tongue. I like Bamboo but I prefer the Chinese one that you grow in the backyard. With the temperature of my house, it is hard to grow anything and not a lot of sunlight. Thanks for the great hub.