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What's The Best Grow Light For Your Indoor Medical Grow?

Updated on June 13, 2013

It is understandable that with the amount of options, it can be challenging to thin your choice down to only one.

With this short report, I will attempt to assist you in getting yourself a greater knowledge of some grow light systems available to you as a fellow grower and help to make your selection process a little less complicated. This is the breakdown of all of my suggested grow light kits, separated by hood type.


HID lights are the most popular lighting for growing indoors (LED and Fluorescent are also popular lighting types). HID grow lights are offered in a diverse style of hoods, ballasts, and light bulbs. The higher output of electrical power means greater intensity of the light, which in turn will give you more room to cultivate. The greater wattage is definitely a benefit if you're growing inside of a bigger grow area. Make sure you see the diagram on the right which displays a basic guide in regards to how many watts are recommended for each square foot.

Hood Type

The hood is the most important part of the Grow Light Kit right after the light bulb mainly because it helps mirror light in the direction of your crops for additional intensity and coverage. Please remember that there is not a single hood that is superior to another, nonetheless usually there are some benefits utilizing over another based on your grow area.


It's the standard vertical hood light set up and is ideal for newbies with limited funds. It is actually light-weight and can be set up in a few minutes. The wing type hood can be had in various wattage grow light set-ups

Cool Hoods

This horizontal hood design is really a conventional lid type of hood. This is another standard set up although with additional attributes on the hood, including a high temperature glass cover and ducting openings so you're able to put in fans to draw out the warmth and hold the reflector, the light bulb, as well as the grow area very cool.

Umbrellas Hoods

This vertical hood design is effective for scattering lumination inside a bigger grow area. It offers additional reflective surfaces as opposed to wing design however, not as enclosed as the cool hood. It is really a very simple set up and perfect for beginners with an above average size grow area.

Cool Tubes

If high temperature is a problem, then the cool tube type hoods are fantastic for getting rid of heat quickly and effectively from your hood and grow area because of its sleek tube shape. This tube design is available in various power HID Grow Light Kits.

I really wish that this report has offered a lot more understanding relating to these goods and in assisting you to make a far better selection in buying.


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