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Pillow Review: The Arc4life Linear Gravity Support Neck Pillow

Updated on June 5, 2018

My Personal Reasons As To Why I Like the Arc4life Linear Gravity Pillow

There are many reasons as to why I prefer this pillow over other contoured pillows on the market today. First I like that it is made out of polyester fiber fill. Also it does not have so much stuffing in it that it makes it super firm. There is definitely "give" to the pillow- meaning that it is not rock hard, For me personally I do not like super firm pillows. It causes my neck to ache the next morning. Also I like that I can choose between two neck rolls:one wider, one more narrow. Finally, I move around quite a bit and shuffle between on my back and on my side. This is a great choice for my sleeping purposes. My height is 5 ft 5 inches, and my weight fluctuates between 130-135 lbs, and the medium size works great for me.

Contoured on Purpose

Arc4life's Linear Gravity Neck Pillow is a great cervical orthopedic support neck pillow. It will help you sleep better, more comfortable and wake up feeling refreshed. This contoured neck pillow will give you the support that you need with the two neck rolls that it has. This helps to give your cervical spine the proper cervical support that it needs.

The Arc4life Linear Gravity Neck Pillow

Some reasons as to why you may want to change your pillow....

The Many Reasons to consider using a new supportive neck pillow

You may ask yourself, why should i change the pillow I am sleeping on? There are many reasons why you should consider using a supportive neck pillow such as arc4life's cervical linear gravity pillow.

  • You wake up with stiffness in your neck some mornings
  • You don't have the proper curve in your neck ( military neck / hypolordosis )
  • You have forward head carriage aka forward head posture
  • You suffer from constant neck pain, and headaches
  • You sleep on your stomach or another awkward position at night
  • You have degeneration or arthritis in your c- spine
  • You want to relax your neck muscles
  • You want to breathe better at night
  • Your current neck pillow is too flat, too soft, too hard, too foamy, too smelly or just not working !
  • You want to be able to sleep the whole night through for ONCE !
  • You recently had some kind of surgery that affected your neck and upper back
  • You have a job that involves a lot of sitting, which leads to poor posture
  • You toss and turn all night trying to find the right position

Sometimes Making a Decision to Change Your Pillow Is Hard To Do

Would You Consider using a Contoured Neck Pillow?

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Why is the Shape of the Arc4life Linear Gravity So Special?

Support for your Neck while you are sleeping

This pillow is very different then your regular flat pillow. To sleep comfortably, one needs to have adequate neck support and proper positioning of the head. With Arc4life's linear gravity neck pillow, you have the choice of two neck rolls to choose from. These two neck rolls are key in giving your cervical spine (neck) the proper support that it needs. Pick the side of the pillow that is most comfortable for you. One Side is slightly more wide and more softer for gentle support. The other side is more narrow and slightly firmer. Both are very comfortable.

Understand how the Arc4life Linear Gravity Pillow Works

The Two Rolls on the Neck Pillow Are an Important Feature

Effective Sleeping For Back and Side Sleepers If you Toss and Turn, this Pillow will still support you.   Linear Gravity Neck Pillow- Sleep on your Back and Side with this Arc4life Pillow To sleep on your back, choose one side of the pillow, and slee
Effective Sleeping For Back and Side Sleepers If you Toss and Turn, this Pillow will still support you. Linear Gravity Neck Pillow- Sleep on your Back and Side with this Arc4life Pillow To sleep on your back, choose one side of the pillow, and slee | Source

Great for Many People, not Just For Neck Pain Sufferers

neck sprain/strain
cervical spondylosis
poor posture
forward head posture
neck pain
stiff neck
degeneration in the spine

Reasons as to why you might choose this pillow to sleep on.

A Support Pillow that Works for Many

When Sleeping on your Side, use the wings of the pillow.
When Sleeping on your Side, use the wings of the pillow. | Source

Effective Sleeping For Back and Side Sleepers

If you Toss and Turn, this Pillow will still support you.

To sleep on your back, choose one side of the pillow, and sleep in the center of the pillow. To sleep on your side, sleep on the wings of the pillows. Both positions are extremely comfortable and will give you restful sleep.

The Size DOES Matter when You Sleep On this Pillow

Finished Dimesions: Small: 20"x15" Medium: 24"x17" Large: 28"x17"
Finished Dimesions: Small: 20"x15" Medium: 24"x17" Large: 28"x17" | Source

*** One word of advice-

Don't order a large size linear gravity pillow just because you sleep on a king size bed. This is a no- no !!! If you are ordering it for decorative purposes, that's okay- but if you are really want to sleep well and and reap the benefits of this neck support pillow- order the right size.

Size of Neck Pillow Does Matter

*** Choosing the right size in the linear gravity neck pillow can be difficult. We have had petite framed individuals order a medium size pillow because they are used to using a standard sized pillow and they do fine with this size.

The Arc4life Linear Gravity Pillow on Amazon - The Medium standard size is most popular

Choose the Right Size Because It Makes A Difference

The Linear Gravity Pillow comes in Small, Medium or Large Size

One of the benefits of choosing the linear gravity neck pillow is that you can choose the right size based on your height and weight. This is only giving you a rough idea. Every person is different. If you are a petite person that like bigger pillows, choose the medium size pillow.

  • Small- 20"x15", Great for patients who are petite framed 5'0 or less
  • Medium - 24"x17", this is the most popular size ordered by most patients
  • Large - 28"x17", Great for patients who are 6"0', built like a football player, or for someone who just likes a larger pillow.

Having a pillow that is too large and poofy will only raise your head forward which can create more neck pain and discomfort when you are trying to sleep.


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