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Buy Pink Gardening Tools Online

Updated on December 11, 2012

No More Boring and Drab Garden Tools for Us!

It is time to change the color of the garden landscape. It is time to say goodbye to traditional hunter green grips, dull brown wood handles, and boring gray tin buckets. Why must the garden tools we use be bland, when our colorful and vibrant flower, vegetable, and herb gardens, not to mention ourselves, never are?

It is time to stand up and show our true color in the world of garden tools. Thankfully, talented designers are taking pink to the outer limits when it comes to garden tools. Out with the dull and boring and in with the bright and, well, pink!

Take a look at this selection of smashing pink garden tools you can buy online.

The Pink Wheelbarrow

How many bags of mulch have we had to haul from one place in the garden to another? How many bins of carefully tended compost? How many bags of sand to fill in the spaces between patio bricks? How many stepping stones to create peaceful paths from one garden to another? Mulch bags, compost, sand, and stones are dull and boring enough in their colors. Does the wheelbarrow have to be boring, too? Check out this pink wheelbarrow. Now, there’s a statement about who is doing the work.

Pink Garden Tool Sets

If we’re to make the transition from pedestrian to pink, why not take the plunge with a pink garden hand tool set, thereby acquiring several indispensable pink garden tools at once? Some pink garden tool sets come with an array of hose connectors, hose washers, and other useful parts in addition to the standard clippers, hand rakes, trowels, and weeders. A pink garden tool set can be a huge cost-saver in the long-run, considering the cost of buying tools one-by-one.

Thinking Pink

  • “In the pink” is to be in good health.
  • Pink is the traditional feminine color.
  • Pink is the universal color of breast cancer awareness.
  • In Spanish, a sentimental book written for women readers is a “pink” novel (novella rosa).

See more fun facts about pink at Wikipedia.

Telescoping Pink Trowels, Rakes, and Cultivators

You can buy pink trowels, rakes, and cultivators separately or in kits. Consider buying the telescoping type of rake or cultivator. The length of its handle can be adjusted to your height, and the tool can be “scoped down” for convenient storage.

Pink Garden Tools for Watering

Watering cans, hoses, and watering wands now come in pink.

Have you ever used a watering wand? As opposed to an open hose end or most hose nozzles, the wand has a large, round or oval head with many tiny holes. A watering wand creates an effect like a shower. It also has a long, rigid tube that joins the head to the hose opening, allowing you to reach beyond arm’s length into the more inaccessible areas of your garden, and a convenient finger-operated valve for turning the water flow off and on. The watering wand eliminates blasting your plants with a too-strong stream of water or letting too much water fall in one place at one time.

Pink Watering Cans To Keep Your Plants "In the Pink"

Pink Garden Tools Make Perfect Gifts

Gentlemen, think about it: Gift her with pink garden tools and there will be no more arguing about who forgot to bring the shovel in out of the rain, who forgot to clean the grass clippers, who last used the hoe that’s gone missing. She’ll be thrilled with her new pink garden tools, and you, well you wouldn’t be caught dead using them, right? Pink garden tools just might be peacemakers.

Meet the Girlie Gardeners

Two young mothers from the UK are stepping right to the forefront of pink power in the garden with their line of pink garden tools. Helen James and Cathy Caudwell Todd are not only top-notch designers but enormously successful niche marketers as well. Get inspired by their designs, energy, and unique business model at Girlie Gardening. They even feature a Wellie warmer that has a pocket for easy access to lip gloss.

Finding Pink Garden Tools in Your Neighborhood Stores

Pink garden tools have yet to make a presence in most retail establishments, whether those establishments be giant box stores, local nurseries, garden shops, or hardware stores. Your best assurance of selection and availability is to buy pink garden tools online.

Pink Garden Tools Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Many online providers of pink garden tools not only imprint the pink ribbon symbol of breast cancer awareness on their products, they also contribute a portion of their profits to the cause. Each time you work in the garden with pink garden tools purchased from contributing sellers, you will be aiding breast cancer awareness as well.

We Can’t Have Enough Pink in the Garden: Pink Garden Apparel and Accessories

There’s always room in the garden for more pink.

Don’t miss out on gloves, kneeling pads, and even safety glasses (yes, you do need to be wearing them in the garden). Designers and manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to pink garden apparel and accessories.

Pink Gardening Tools Illustrated in Cross-stitch

You can download the pattern for this cross-stitch piece for free at the Cross Stitchers Club.
You can download the pattern for this cross-stitch piece for free at the Cross Stitchers Club. | Source

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    • marisuewrites profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Oh she loves pink and purple, and me. LOL

    • Sally's Trove profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Hmmmm, I think a special granddaughter might like some pink gardening tools. :)

    • marisuewrites profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      I want the pink garden tool bag to go with the black and pink garden apron. Forget about gardening...they are sooo cute!

      Love this hub, had no idea there were so many choices that are in the pink!

      Hmmm I feel a pink shopping trip coming up...I may change my Christmas colors to pink!

    • Sally's Trove profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Ditto, Habee!

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      8 years ago from Georgia

      Pink garden tools?? What a great idea!

    • Sally's Trove profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Nellieanna, I like your thinking! You go for it! I think you should demand 50% of the profits of all pink tool shed sales. :) Maybe you should suggest a range of exciting colors while you're at it.

      We've a local company here who makes wooden storage sheds in different architectural designs (country cottage, farm & barn, modern, traditional) and will custom paint them. I think Guy should do this for you!

      Thanks always for adding fun and interest with your comments.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      8 years ago from TEXAS

      Fascinating idea! I'm in need of a small tool shed - maybe they make one in pink, too! hehe.

      I used to work for Morgan Building Company in their Engineering Department and my husband sold a lakeside plot of land to the owner & president a few years ago. I wrangled the inclusion of a "spazebo" - one of their newer products - into the deal.

      However now I don't really prefer that to take care of or use alone, so I've requested a tool shed instead. Now I'm trying to visualize myself requesting it be pink! haha - Guy Morgan would probably keel over on the spot! However, it might be an excellent addition to their line of small buildings, considering the new interest in pink garden tools!! Maybe I should demand payment for a great new idea! That used to be among my jobs there!

      Thanks for such a fun hub and great new ideas, ST!

    • Sally's Trove profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Neil, you really made my day with your kind comment. Your big sister's garden sounds beautiful and whimsical, too. Instead of telling her about the pink tools, how about gifting her with a set? :) Thanks so much for your always thoughtful and encouraging words.

      FP, adding a purring cat would make the picture even prettier. :)

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 

      8 years ago

      Green thumbs and pink tools would make a pretty picture indeed! :)

    • Sally's Trove profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Hello, hello, thank you always for reading and leaving a positive thought.

      Sabu, if you want to get yourself a garden because you want pink tools, you are my hero!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good Morning Sunshine,

      I call you sunshine because you always seem to make it a beautiful day in the neighborhood no matter the subject. I love the idea of the pink tools for all your listed reasons but mainly because this is very near and dear to my wife and me. You are a source of interesting and useful surprises.

      My big sister is an avid gardener who has painted her tools and garden benches, etc bright and cheery colors. I can't wait to tell her.

      Thanks for being you. NEIL

    • sabu singh profile image

      sabu singh 

      8 years ago

      As informative and useful as always ST. I shall now perforce have to get myself a garden, LOL.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      I love gardening and thank you for your information put together.

    • Sally's Trove profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Thank you, Trish, for your awesome comments.

      There are wonderful tools out there for sure, and truly, this Hub barely scratches the surface. Hunting for pink garden tools online is a true adventure.

      *snicker*...I'm enjoying that business about who left what where, too. I'm all for anything that will help smooth the rough spots over in a partnership!

    • trish1048 profile image


      8 years ago

      Dearest friend,

      What a wealth of information. I had no idea how many wonderful tools are out there. I especially liked the idea of the watering wand.

      The fact that the establishments who sell these items are donating a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer awareness is simply awesome.

      I also loved that you pointed out that pink tools will certainly reveal who left what where :) Add to that the fact that it could save marriages or relationships LOL. Quite clever!


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