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Planting For Others To Harvest

Updated on April 18, 2017

It Will Be Theirs

Fruits, berries, nuts grow.

But they have to start sometime.

I plant for others.

They are in the ground!

It's a tradition.

Doing "unto others" is something I believe in, and it even relates to gardening.

Whether it is an extra few cucumber plants, even zucchini, that great source of potassium, it is part of my DNA from ancestors that I also plant "for others."

In the 1840's pioneer refugees going west in the United States planted crops for others they knew would follow, then moved on knowing that their efforts might mean life or death for other refugees.

My heritage applies in the case of four nut trees I have planted this year.

The two hazelnut and two Chinese chestnut trees I planted this year are not likely to bear their own nuts until after I am gone. But with proper care and watering the four trees may one day stand for my love of those who will one day enjoy them, as I will now enjoy watching them develop a future that will bless those others.

Does it matter that others might one day cut them down?

That will express their intent and be due, if it happens, to their exercise of their free agency to choose and act. But mine is mine today, and I choose to see different possibilities of "chestnuts roasting by an open fire" and hazelnut cookies, of beautiful, productive trees "that someone planted" and "a patch of productive land amidst its future surroundings."

Not every urban plot has to yield to man's driven desires for income, comfort, and convenience. Those too will be subjected to being "cut down" for other men's dreams and needs.

But today I planted some strawberries and blackberries I may be able to enjoy and share.

Meanwhile I will watch my gifts for someone else's enjoyment hopefully grow and thrive.

Wherever you are, Johnny Appleseed, I salute and understand you. There are many others who do also.

Other trees around the garden/orchard lot

This link from 2015 shows what else has been done with the quarter Acre side lot. As the trees grow and mature, springtime sees the lot full of blossoms and bees. Even the dandelions in grassy areas are harvested for their dandelion greens.

Flowers are lovely.  Fruit and nuts are tasty and nourishing.
Flowers are lovely. Fruit and nuts are tasty and nourishing. | Source


© 2017 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.


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    • flashmakeit profile image

      flashmakeit 7 months ago from usa

      I enjoyed reading about your garden and trees. I thought this article was informative and delightful.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 8 months ago from The Caribbean

      What a noble, selfless, caring attitude! May God prosper your efforts.