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Planting a Flower Garden Three Things to Take Into Consideration

Updated on June 13, 2009

If you have a flower garden then you know how tricky it can be to choose the proper seeds for your flower garden to get the best blend of smells and colors. You will want to consider many factors when you are planning out your flower garden or if you decide to plant your flower garden without even working out a plan on how you are going to do the layout of your flower garden first you will want to consider these factors when you are in the process of planting.

The first thing that you will want to consider while planning out your flower garden is that you will want to set the flowers up for the type of sun that they need. For some of your flower garden plants they will require either full sun, part sun, or shade. Determining what area that your flower garden is going into will help you figure out if the flowers that you need to look for are going to be full sun, part sun, or shade. That way you do not plant the wrong flower in the wrong portion of your flower garden.

The second thing that you will want to consider when planning or planting a flower garden is the height of your flowers. Now for some of your flowers the height that they are supposed to reach when they are fully grown will be the same which is fine because then you do not need to plant them in various rows because you probably do not want the taller plants in front of your shorter plants which will prevent them from getting sun and not allow you to see the brilliant colors that the flowers will have.

The third item to consider with your flower garden is the scent of the flowers. Obviously unless you are trying to keep pest animals away you will want to make sure that the flowers that you are planting smell good otherwise you will not want to enjoy your flower garden because of the smells. So if you are able to find some great smelling flowers you will want to combine those with other flowers that smell similar so that you do not get terrible smells or give yourself sensory overload!

Planning out a flower garden is always fun, but when the flowers start popping up is when you are able to see the realization of your plans coming together. If you do you’re planning and planting carefully you will have an excellent garden that is well blended in height, smells, and colors with the proper sun for each flower.

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