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Plastic Palm Trees

Updated on April 1, 2011

Palm trees need special conditions to thrive and would struggle to thrive in many conditions. Yet they are so important to give your office or home a tropical look. You can still give your place a tropical look by placing plastic palm trees. These plastic trees can be placed anywhere, even in those places where it is hard for a real palm tree to survive like toilets, under air conditioners, low light areas of your house etcetera. And if you often forget to water your plants or don't get time to care for them, get some plastic palm trees. Another plus point is that they look almost like the real ones.

Apart from some real looking plastic palms. You can also get decoration pieces, centerpieces of plastic palms to match the tropical theme of your place.


As of my observation, the real palm palm trees of same size would cost you more than the plastic ones. And you wouldn't have to spend on fertilizers and other necessary stuff later on.

Here are a few samples of these palms taken from Choose whichever you like from these or visit the website for more variety.

Palm Tree Decorations

You can easily give a tropical look to your home or office with palm tree decor. Get almost all necessary things from wall hangings to comforters to foot mats; all in the palm tree theme. Below are a few examples of decorating items that can give your place a tropical look.


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