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Plastic containers, washing tips...

Updated on January 19, 2012
Plastic containers and lids
Plastic containers and lids | Source
More plastic containers
More plastic containers | Source
Plastic containers in the fridge.
Plastic containers in the fridge. | Source

Do you still use plastic containers? I do! They are handy. They are reusable, space savers and make packing lunch or left overs so easy and convenient. So, i have lots of them. Anything that makes clean up easy for me has a place of honor in my household.

Plastic containers have that principal spot in my kitchen cabinets. Glass containers are appreciated as well and depending on what i need to use it for, i have a few of those as well. But i prefer the plastic ones.

Only problem is i don't trust them in the microwave any longer. You know all the warning about heating plastic and the health scares.

Cleaning plastic has always been my number one concern, because oil or grease residue adheres, which is something i despise. I love squeaky clean and plastic has a tendency to make this difficult if the right washing tips are not used.

Soaking plastic in hot water before actually washing helps to get them extra clean. Always use a dish liquid that says that it cuts grease, or oil residue. The other thing to do is add baking soda, or vinegar.

Adding vinegar and/or baking soda for cleaning to your dish water always makes your life easier. Also add them to your rinse water. Another additional step is to add hydrogen peroxide, just another step to cleaning, anything!

Washing plastic:

What you will need

  1. warm water
  2. cotton cloth
  3. grease cutting dish liquid
  4. vinegar
  5. baking soda
  6. hydrogen peroxide, optional

Preparing the washing water

  1. Slightly hot water / lukewarm, half way up the sink
  2. Add dish liquid, baking soda and vinegar
  3. Place containers in water
  4. Wet the cloth you are washing with, so it is soaked and sudsy
  5. Wait a few minutes then wash

Preparing the rinse water

  1. Lukewarm water in the sink, halfway
  2. add 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup baking soda or both

Drying plastic:

  1. air drying is good
  2. cloth drying is good

Putting containers away

  1. stacking, (place the smaller pieces in the larger ones)
  2. keeping pieces together, ( put the lids either next to or on the bottom of the stacks)


  1. No dish washer, (the dishwasher can cause your plastic to loose it's shape, warping)
  2. If using hot water, wait before actually washing the plastic


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 5 years ago

      Thanks, i know those are things we deal with, thanks again.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Great tips. Thanks for sharing.