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Pole Buildings | Helpful Info For Building A Pole Barn

Updated on September 4, 2009
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A Brief History Of Pole Building Construction

With the economy beginning to recover, residential and commercial construction starts have begun to pick back up. To meet their needs of a cost and environmentally-conscious consumer, every builder is looking for a smart solution for their construction projects. Due to the need of builders to have affordability and efficiency in their construction, pole barns have been growing in popularity lately.

To build pole barns, most construction companies use a process called post frame construction. Post frame construction is completed by dropping posts into the ground and using lumber covered by sheet metal to connect them. Most post frame buildings are only one-story and have shallow roofing (some have gambrel roofs as well).

Because pole barns and post frame construction are used in the building of horse barns and storage buildings, they are most commonly found in rural areas or parts of the country dominated by farmland. Post Frame Construction is also used in commercial and industrial settings for all kinds of storage - from machinery to automotive to hardware to retail inventory. More recently, different branches of government have also been using pole buildings to construct new community facilities.


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