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Polished Concrete: Cutting Edge, Environmentally Friendly and Affordable Flooring

Updated on June 20, 2014

Polished Concrete


Polished Concrete Saves You Money and Saves the Environment

Polished concrete is a flooring finish that helps homeowners and businesses realize huge savings on their flooring projects while protecting the environment.

People are never usually excited when they think of concrete. We usually associate the term with images of drab industrial applications, but that perception is set to change. A recent development in the construction industry has seen life, color and uniqueness being added to concrete. Concrete flooring is now being enhanced by a process of staining and polishing that provides customers with a low-maintenance, sustainable, designer flooring option - polished concrete.

Those who opt to use this concrete flooring will enjoy a number of benefits. If you want to save time and money on cleaning your floor as well as reduce allergic reactions in your home or business place then this flooring is the ideal solution. Polished concrete is easy to clean, reduces dust mite and allergen problems and does not support mold growth. We will take a further look at some of the benefits of polished concrete flooring.

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is concrete that is treated with a chemical densifier before being ground with grinding tools that become progressively finer as the process continues. The aim is to make changes to the appearance of the old concrete's surface using a mechanical process. The surface of the concrete is cut and refined until the desired effects are achieved. Multiple abrasives are used for the mechanical refinement process. These abrasives are similar to sandpaper and are measured in grits.

The concrete goes from one grade grit to the other starting with the roughest first then on to one that is finer, and this continues until the refinement process is complete with the last and finest abrasive. This is all done to prepare the surface of the concrete for the ultimate/desired finish. A professionally done polished concrete flooring will have a very polished finish, durability and clarity of reflection. You may have walked into a store or another business place and could not help but notice just how new and shiny the floor was. Chances are you were looking at polished concrete.

Grinding Process/Equipment for Polish Concrete

Environmentally Friendly Flooring

A growing number of architects and designers are selecting polished concrete as their preferred choice for a floor finish, and for good reasons. You may note from the processing description that no new concrete is used. No additional materials were used either so there was no large volume of waste to get rid of when the job was done.

Treating and bringing out the best in concrete flooring that is already there cuts down on the amount of waste that is generated during a construction, remodeling or renovation project. It also cuts down on the demand for new materials which place a stress on the environment. Polished concrete is helping the construction industry to gain points through Energy and Environmental Design, (LEED). The flooring is renewed rite on site so there is no need to truck anything in and add to the carbon footprint of the industry. This greatly helps the drive to become more environmentally friendly and become a Green industry. You the client can also be satisfied that your construction project is not causing any harm to the environment.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Benefits of Polished Flooring to Residential Customers

You Save Money - You do not have to purchase traditional floor covering materials as the slab on grade concrete will used as the finished floor surface. You can even dictate how much sheen you want to worked into the polished concrete.

Easy to Clean - Polished concrete does not harbor allergens, dust and dirt so not only do they save on cleaning time, but they also, but they are also more friendly to those who suffer from allergies.

No Slips and Falls - Polished concrete has non-skid and non-slippery properties.

Longer Lasting and More Durable - Not only will you save money from not having to purchase traditional floor covering materials, but you will also experience a lifetime of savings because polished concrete flooring is strong and durable. They are not as easily damage as other floor materials and would therefore not require any replacing.

Variety - You will enjoy the wide variety of colors and designs from which you can make your selection.

Benefits of Polished Flooring to Businesses

Save Money - Imagine not having to purchase material to redo the entire floor. You will also save on maintenance as these floors require less cleaning.

No Threats of Slips and Falls - The non-skid, non-slip properties of polished concrete offers your business protection against law suits and insurance claims while providing a safe environment for your staff and clients.

Reflects High Volumes of Light - This is important to businesses who want their store or office to have a nice bright, clean professional image.

Traffic Resistant - Store owners do not have to spend sizable sums to wax and strip the floor to keep it looking great after all that traffic. Polished concrete stands up to heavy traffic.

Longer Service Life and Less Maintenance - Polished concrete only require occasional mopping to keep it clean. They even resist damage from the forklift trucks and spilled chemicals so there's no need to get the floor waxed to cover marks and damaged areas

No Moisture Related Issues - This floor breathes so there is none of the customary moisture issues that are associated with other flooring materials.

Some businesses have even taken advantage of the versatility of polished concrete and had their company logo added to the flooring. This flooring is commonly used in business places such as restaurants, hotels and auto showrooms. Polished concrete has a degree of shine that is comparative to that of marble and granite. It therefore makes cheaper alternative flooring for residents and business owners who cannot afford those flooring at this time, but would like flooring that has the same level of shine. Polished concrete is great for any type of flooring and in any space as it contribute to a better air quality in the home or business place.

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