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Polycarbonate Roofing Panels

Updated on February 6, 2011
Corrugated polycarbonate roofing panels
Corrugated polycarbonate roofing panels

Polycarbonate roofing panels are a durable, long-lasting solution for your exterior roofing needs. Whether your covering a deck, strengthening your roof in critical places, building a carport to keep your automobiles safe from the elements, or just covering a tool shed, it behooves you to consider going with...

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Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a transparent thermoplastic, which is stable, extremely durable and can resist even the most polar of temperatures. Polycarbonate roofing panels are non-toxic, stain resistant, and weigh approximately six times less than comparable amounts of glass sheeting.

Polycarbonate roof sheets are a popular choice for industrial structures, because of their durability and easy to use design. You've probably seen these roofing panels in your everyday travels, but rarely gave them a second thought. They are very similar to acrylic roofing panels in design and durability.

Carports, patios, awnings; these are all structures commonly made from polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate skylight VS Hammer

So, what is polycarbonate? Polycarbonate is a synthetic plastic, which is durable and extremely lightweight. While not practical for covering your entire house with the stuff, polycarbonate roofing panels are ideal for conservatories, deck and patio roofing, gazebos, awnings and walkway structures.

Polycarbonate is also ideal for skylights, as demonstrated in the video...

Polycarbonate is some pretty impressive stuff, almost as strong in design as carbon fiber. This stuff is ideal for outdoor roofing and siding jobs. The home repair industry has come a long way since the introduction of plastics way back when.

So, what is polycarbonate exactly? Compact disks and digital versatile discs (DVDs) are perhaps the most readily recognized examples of polycarbonate. If you’ve ever archived files on a writable CD, then later tried to break it before throwing it away, you know just how tough polycarbonate can be!

Polycarbonate is a versatile, tough plastic used for a variety of applications, from bulletproof windows to compact disks. The main advantage of polycarbonate over other types of plastic is unbeatable strength, combined with a light weight nature.

Acrylic is 17% stronger than glass, whereas polycarbonate is nearly indestructible. Bulletproof windows and enclosures, as seen at banks or drive-through windows are often made of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is just 1/3rd the weight of acrylic, or 1/6th as heavy as glass, so really the only drawback is that it is pricier than either acrylic or glass.

The shear strength and durability alone make polycarbonate roofing materials worthy of praise and usage. After all, wouldn't it be nice to complete your exterior roofing projects with a material that you know without a doubt will last several lifetimes? Weather-resistant, shatter-proof polycarbonate roofing panels are surely the way to go for any serious homeowner or roofing contractor.

The polycarbonate roofing panel design you choose to go with is ultimately a matter of taste. There are so many shades and shapes to choose from, you could literally get lost in the shuffle. You may even choose to go with clear plastic roofing sheets as an option. The choices are endless.

How many other uses could you think of for polycarbonate around the exterior of your house?

Which material would you prefer for your next roofing project?

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Polycarbonate vs Acrylic Plastic


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      9 years ago

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      Поликарбонатни плоскости 

      9 years ago

      good video

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      polycarbonate sheets 

      9 years ago

      polycarbonate really good stuff, durable stylish , light weight and easy to use

    • profile image

      Dothan Roofing 

      10 years ago

      Polycarbonate roofing Panels are the best ones and they are both durable and stylish.

    • profile image

      Jim Brunsvold 

      10 years ago

      I am building a roof over a hot tub. There is an existing 15' X 15' concrete slab. my plan is to build a ridge beam 2, 2" X 12" with a sheet of osb board glued and screwed together, than hang 2" X 8" roof joists off the ridge beam which will b supported by 6" X 6" posts, the headers are 6" X 6" X 16' suported on the top of 6" X 6" posts. The customer wants the ceiling to be as open as possible, to gaze at the sky, so I would like to place the 2" X8" roof joists at 4' o.c.. the clear sheets will need to be 8' long with a ridge cap and I would prefer not using perlings. Is this possible with any of your productsor will I need to put blocks between the joists at 4' intervals. Thanks Jim Brunsvold A Bar A Fences & Decks 1143 P.K. road Sheoherd MT. Ph. 406-670-2776 or pnone or fax me also at 406-947-5372. I need the cost of anything that will work.


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