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Postal Scale: Top 10 Best Selling Postage Rate Scales

Updated on February 4, 2015

Postal Scales:

Postal scales are ideal to have at home when you begin selling items on eBay or other auction sites, or even from your own web-site.

Instead of driving to and from the Post Office every time you sell an item, you can mail packages from your home using the USPS web site Click-N-Ship feature. With UPS you can even get a discount on postage cost, free delivery confirmation, and a big saving on gasoline by not having to drive across town every time you have a package to be mailed.

All that is needed is a postal scale to weigh your outgoing packages.

Your choice is really then only down to the upper weight of the packages you need to weigh.

The top ten best selling postal scales are:

  1. USPS PS-100 10 lb. Desk Top Postal Scale
  2. USPS PS-105 5 lb. Desk Top Postal Scale
  3. 5lb Digital Postal Scale
  4. Pelouze SP5 5-lb./2200g.Capacity All-Purpose Digital Straight Weigh Postal Scale

  5. Royal Postal Scale (MX-2)

  6. Weighmax 2822

  7. Royal DS3 Postal Rate Scale

  8. USPS PS100 10-Pound Postal Scale

  9. Digiweigh DW-36XP Digital Postal Scales

  10. United States Postal Service PS30USB 30 lb. Digital Calculating Scale

Desk Top Postal Scale

This USPS PS-100 10 lb. desk top postal scale is US post office licensed and weighs items from .1 ounce up to 10 pounds. The weight read-out can be switched between ounces and grams, and the scale top has a flip-up easel to allow for large envelope weighing.

Note: this product does not connect to the USPS.

Desk Top Postal Scale

The USPS PS-105 5 lb. desk top postal scale is very convenient item for home or office. All the features of the 10ib scale but with a lower capacity of 5ib.

Some reliability issues have been reported for this postal scale. 5lb Digital Postal Scale

Digital Postal Scale

Stamps 5lb Digital Postal Scale. paid subscription is necessary for the product to function.

If you are not a subscriber then this is useless to you!

Digital Straight Weigh Postal Scale

The Pelouze SP5 5-lb / 2200g.capacity all-purpose digital straight weigh postal scale weighs items in 0.1-oz. increments and is intended for private use only; not legal for trade.. Rates are updated by an electronic process.

Not universally positive reviews but the majority of people using this postal scale report liking it.

Pelouze SP5 5-lb./2200g.Capacity All-Purpose Digital Straight Weigh Postal Scale

Royal Postal Scale

The Royal postal scale (MX-2) has a 2lb weighing capacity and is equally viable as a kitchen scale. It has a postal chart included and updated rate card inserts can be downloaded from the manufacturer website. Not the highest quality or accuracy.

Weighmax 2822

The Weighmax 2822 postal scale has a 35lb capacity and is designed for weighing letters and small to middle size packages for office, home and warehouse. Looks good and seems to achieve what is necessary of a postal scale. Thumbs up!

Royal DS3 Postal Rate Scale

Royal Postal Rate Scale

The Royal DS3 postal rate scale has a 3lb weight capacity and has a pull-out drawer.

Reviews range from fine to junk. Seems like it is pot luck whether you receive a good one or not.

Postal Scale

The USPS PS100 postal scale has a 10lb capacity. The 5.5-by-5-inch platform features a fold-up top for weighing oversized packages. Ideal for home offices or small businesses that send out a high volume of mail.

"If you ship via USPS and dont want to wait in line, get this and online postage account and never be stuck at the post office again." Generally good reviews all round.

Digital Postal Scale

The Digiweigh DW-36XP digital postal scales has a 36lb (16kg) capacity and comes with an A/C adaptor and a lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Mostly good reviews given.

Digital Calculating Scale

The United States Postal Service PS30USB digital calculating scale has a 30lb weighing capacity. It can be powered via a 9-volt battery, USB connection, or AC power adapter (not included).

Reviews for and against - you need to weigh up the pros' and con's on this one!

Unfortunately, in the UK, and probably elsewhere, this type of service is not available. In the UK we are hamstrung by what is misnamed the Royal Mail, as it is anything but royal. It was named the Royal Mail because mail was sent through the service covered by a Royal warrant - it was illegal to open any mail unless it was specifically addressed to you.

Our Royal Mail service has been getting worse and worse and more and more expensive as time has gone on. If only we had a service where it served the public rather than served the shareholders and upper management.

For those items that do not have an Amazon product picture associated with them just click on the picture of another to go to Amazon to browse for the item you require.

The items above are very good examples in each of the categories. There are, however, many more options available on Amazon and you can access them simply by clicking on any of the pictures above.

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