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Potting Benches A Perfect Garden Workspace

Updated on March 19, 2011

My Potting Bench Helps Organization

Gone are the days of grabbing a handful of tools from the garage, dumping them on the patio table and heading back to the garage for a pot and the soil and my gloves.

I absolutely love having all my supplies hanging neatly and ready for use. My soil bin holds fresh soil for my next project and the space below has neat stacks of pots and books. I even have started a log book to keep track of how my various seeds are doing.

Having one area dedicated to my hobby has made everything so much more enjoyable and organized. When my husband thought to roll my cart near his BBQer and use the solid work surface to hold his utensils and condiments, I promptly provided him with his own "potting bench" and it works great for everything he needs as well!

Enjoy looking at a nice variety of Potting Benches!

Choosing Your Potting Bench

There many options for your potting bench -
Recycled plastic/Vinyl
Wood: Aspen, Cedar, Fir, Shorea

You may also find a Potting shed or storage bench nice complements to your hobby area.

You will want to make sure that you have the bench at the correct height for you so there is no bending or reaching involved when you are working.  An outdoor baking rack is the next addition I plan to make to my gardening corner since I have expanded my projects and the metal rack is very visually pleasing as well as functional.




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