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Pouring A Concrete Patio With Attached Sidewalk Around The House

Updated on October 30, 2011

Finished Project Before and After

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Concrete walkway is how we decided to Get From Front Yard To Back - The Only way to go

After moving into our new home on the mountain side in Maryland, we had a small but challenging dilemma. Getting from the front to the back of the house was near impossible going up and down the wet embankment at times. In the winter with snow, impossible. The unfinished basement had a small shop and anytime we needed yard tools (which was often) or something larger to go into storage downstairs, or something for the shop, it had to be transported on that hillside sloop. Not an easy task. There was also the problem with nowhere to sit when working outside to enjoy the flowering beds that I created over the years. it was time to do something about it. We decided to contact several contractors for estimates of pouring a cement walkway around the house and a big patio off the driveway and the side entrance to the house. It was one of the most enjoyable home improvements we have ever undertaken and there have been many to chirp about.

Estimates Came In, Contractor Selected and The Work Began

Of course my dogs had to inspect in each stage of progress, with their approval we approved the setting of the forms for the concrete and got so excited when the cement truck pulled up the day of pouring. Though the initlal progress went slowly, the end result was fantastic. When walking up and down the steps, there was no extra stepping or unwelcomed mini-step in the momentum. The steps were very easily navigated, we were so impressed once we walked them the first time. It was so delightful to come outside of the house and walk around to the back without falling, slipping, stumbling or running so not to fall.

The concrete patio had to cure for a couple days before we put the newly purchased cement patio set onto it. We anxiously awaited the end of the week. On the fourth day, we put our patio set in place and had an ice cream social with the neighbors to celebrate. The afternoon sun was on the other side of the house so the patio could be thoroughly enjoyed in the afternoon onto the evening hours. We spent many an evening that patio before we relocated to Texas. Had we known we were going to relocate within a short period of time, we likely would have not spent the money for home improvement, but we did enjoy the time we were living there and both agree it was monty well spent.

What You Can Expect To When The Cement Truck Comes To Pour

Before and After Construction Pictures

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Cement Patio Set

The cement patio set was purchased from a local vendor.  We decided to go with cement because we could keep it outside for the entire year.  It comes in eight pieces so it is fairly easy to move if need be.  Even though it gets cold in the winter months in Maryland, there were days that involve yard work and it was a great place to rest and take a break from our toils.  We also ate outside on the warmer days or had lunch while working in our dirty duds.

Cement patio sets can be partially sealed and stained with a variety of colors.  We chose the grey set, though, now that we transported it to Texas and it is sitting poolside, we may choose to stain it another color.  It has been through three harsh winters and it still looks like new.  We are very happy with our choice to go with cement for this set for practical purposes.  For lounging, I would choose a more comfortable, cushioned design that would likely have to be covered or come in for the winter months.  




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