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Power Stainlifter Reviews

Updated on May 11, 2011
Power Stainlifter
Power Stainlifter

Power Stain Lifter

The new Arm & Hammer Oxiclean Power Stainlifter is an As Seen On TV buff's dream product. I was so excited when I first saw the Power Stain Lifter commercial with Anthony Sullivan and really wanted to try the product no matter what it was for.

I always say that these As Seen On TV products micro target a persons dissatisfaction something in their lives and provide a really intriguing solution.  Further, they always toss in the element of fun to make it seem like whatever you are doing will give you a much more enjoyable life. In this case, carpet stain removal. The Power Stainlifter is a cool gizmo so it's going to appeal to a lot people for that alone, but for one, have serious pet stain issues and have been fighting this battle for years.  As my pets get older, the more stains I seem to have. Even more so when they were getting house trained. I've tried every product out and so far nothing has bee that great.

The products that are simple and easy to use, never seem to clean a stain properly. The ones that are effective, are just never easy to use and require a lot of work. If the Arm & Hammer Oxiclean Power Stainlifter delivers on its promise, then this will be a miracle product and will sell millions of units.

To see just what the power stain lifter actually says it will do, let's watch the commercial with Anthony Sullivan an then get down to reviewing this thing.

Power Stainlifter As Seen on TV commercial

Power Stainlifter Review

The thing which first grabbed my attention about this As Seen On TV commercial that it was unlike any As Seen On TV commercial I had ever seen before. There was no over the top sales pitch and this was "Sully".

My gut feeling was that Anthony Sullivan was pitching the Power Stainlifter in such a reserved fashion because it was one of his first campaigns since the death of Billy Mays. Mays was so flamboyant that he may have done this out of respect for his old partner, and/or to make sure that people didn't think he was trying to mimic his style. I mean there could be a ton of reasons why this commercial was so dull but I'm pretty sure why this was done was completely intentional.

Sullivan always played the straight man but there's something a little to deliberate going on in this As Seen On TV Ad. Regardless, I had not seen the Power Stainlifter in stores so I jumped online to old faithful to buy power stainlifterand wait out its arrival. I also read some power stain lifter reviews online but to tell you the truth, I caught this product early and there wasn't a lot of information about how it worked. It was more where to buy power stain lifter info and content about the offer. It was very hard to find any comparison reviews or anything like that.

So as with so many times before, I had to blaze my own trail for my review. I consider this a hobby ( I know it's weird) so going into a product review with no preconceived ideas is refreshing every once in a while.

Fast forwarded nearly 3 weeks and let's get rolling. First let me say that the bonus gift from my offer was really cool. It's called the Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh and I slapped that sucker right to the inside of my fridge to neutralize odors and keep my food fresh longer. It's much cooler than the ole baking soda box in the back. I was pretty happy with this bonus gift because it's actually something I can use for once.

As far as the Stain Lifter goes, it was pretty elaborate compared to the commercial. It was like my own little home carpet cleaning machine. I was pretty impressed (from a gizmo point of view)

When I wanted to buy power stainlifter, it never occurred to me that I could use it in the car or office. I was so focused on pet stains that I didn't realize this was so compact and portable. It's battery operated and cordless so if you have some floor mat stains in the car or even the carpeting itself, the power stain lifter is perfect. (If it really gets stains out).

Now I should mention at this point that the reason the Power Stainlifter is supposed to be so good is that it combines Arm & Hammer Baking Soda power with the power of Oxiclean. Simply put the Power Stain Lifter combines a strong deodorizer with the suposed awesome cleaning power of Oxiclean to really attack stains. It promised to work on:

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee Stains
  • Pet Stains
  • Ketchup
  • Blood
  • Red Wine
  • Ink

And the list continues. I'm gonna be honest and say that I'm not spilling red wine on my carpet for the purposes of my review but should I ever need to clean some wine or blood, I will promise to edit this content.

So the dual action of the cleaning solutions combines with what's called "tapping action" to effectively rid all our carpets of stains. First, you load your stainlifter with the two solutions and then spray down the stains. Next, you do a little tapping with the brush and blot away the excess liquid with the fancy mirco fiber towel that comes with your order. There's not a lot of difference between using a paper towel on your carpet but you might as well use the special micro fiber cloth since you're getting them as a "bonus".

I found myself a stain and went to work. Let me qualify that this was an older pet urine stain which has had plenty of time to set. Ideally you would love to have the stainlifter on hand for a fresh stain, but I wasn't looking to create a new problem, just looking to see if I could clean an old one, but I'm ready should the dog have an accident.

I pumped the trigger to release the combined solution and wet the stain. I then put the brush to the stain and turned on my power stain lifter. It suposedly uses sonic waves to lift the stain while other machines tend to bury the stain deeper but I couldn't tell. It seemed like a brush to me but I was careful not to scrub because the directions said I didn't need to. Finally, I blotted the stain with my micro fiber towel and took a look.

It was tough to immediately gauge my results because the carpet was wet. I should say that my carpet is a cream color much like the carpet in the commercial. I let it dry a little and at first could not find my original stain. I felt around for a damp spot and after I found it I could see that the area I had cleaned was actually a little brighter than the rest of the carpet. So it seems the Power Stainlifter cleaned the pet stain a little too good. However, a brighter area of carpet was much better than a stained area. My solution was to spray a little cleaning power in the surrounding area an blend it together.

As far as pet stains go, I would say that the power stainlifter worked equally as well as anything I've used at home other than a giant carpet cleaning machine. Again, I can't yet speak to other types of stains but I'm assuming that this would be perfect for life's little emergencies.

At this point, I'm still not sure if you can find Power Stainlifter in stores but for now it is always available online. The offers may change but currently here's what you get for $29.99 plus $6.99 :

  • The Stainlifter complete with batteries
  • a set of pouches
  • and a bonus gift of a super absorbent microfiber cloth

The "But Wait There's More" part is a second round of cleaning solutions and the Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh for free. So your getting a refill and another bonus gift for the same $29.99. Not bad, I suppose.

So if you've read my review, watched the commercial and extended video, you may want to buy Power Stainlifter for yourself. My advice would be to go for it if you have a need for such a device. If you're a gadget nut like then you'll probably have a little fun with it. If you're a neat freak with no pets and no mess in your life, then you might want to skip this one.

As Seen On TV Items

It's been a while since I've heard anything new about this As Seen On TV Item but the fact is that this summer has seen a lot of new items that are really great. Not that cleaning up your messes isn't important but there are some new products which just seem a little more fun. For example, take a look at Bark Off or the Ab Circle Mini. It seems the As Seen On TV world just keeps getting bigger and better!


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    • Seen On TV profile imageAUTHOR

      Seen On TV 

      8 years ago

      I'm not sure if Power Stainlifter has made it to stores. I have not come across it and I make a point to look in the as seen on tv sections of stores when I go. If you find it, let me know.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I haven't seen the power stain lifter around much. I thought this one would catch on. It's just as good as anything else as far as the little pet stains go. I got one at a garage sale for $1. Is it in stores yet?


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