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Powerful $1 Turmeric Stains Removal Fix

Updated on May 16, 2012
Turmeric powder can stain mugs, but there is a stain-removal fix.
Turmeric powder can stain mugs, but there is a stain-removal fix.

Did you know: Turmeric stains on dishes can be removed with ease by using a combination of warm water and the right solution?

THEAMERICANWRITER - May 16, 2012 | 10:44 CST

BUENA PARK, California - Finding an effective solution for removing turmeric stains was something I needed for my mug. It was a ceramic mug that I had let sit out too long to the point the turmeric stained the mug a great deal. I tried regular brand-named dish liquid to remove the stain and it did not work. I figured I might as well run a test using something else and so let the stain remain for well over a month. It wasn't coming out anyway from what I had previously used anyway. So the stain appeared to be permanent.

Well, yesterday, I took that mug and poured some off-brand dish liquid into it. This particular dish liquid seemed to be like laundry detergent to me. It had that smell and look. So I wondered how well it would do on this stain considering laundry detergent tends to get out tougher stains - usually, anyway. I can't say all laundry detergent rids stains because not all does.

Moving along, to remove the turmeric stains I took the stained mug and did one short squirt of off-brand dish soap into it. I turned on the sink faucet and allowed the water to get a little warm. I filled the cup up with warm water, then I set the cup in the sink and went to sleep.

When I awoke I did my normal things. When I was done, I went into the kitchen. I took the cup and emptied out the liquid in it and I noticed the stains were about 98% gone. This was without using a towel to wipe anything. I just emptied the cup -- that's it. I cannot say I was that surprised. I already figured that there was something "special" about this "dish soap." It was just different than most dish soap I had bought in the past brands and off brands. It did what I guessed it would do: removed the turmeric stain.

Never underestimate the effectiveness and power of off-brand dish soap.
Never underestimate the effectiveness and power of off-brand dish soap.

Turmeric Stain Removal by Awesome Dish Soap

Before I continue let me say a little bit about this "dish soap" I bought at the store. I put the words in double quotes because I think it is liquid laundry detergent, that was put into a dish liquid bottle, and then put on the shelf in the store to be sold as dish liquid. If that is what it really is, I am not sure what the company is looking to accomplish by disguising it in dish liquid bottles. I have never seen this soap before in my life; not at Wal-mart, not at H-E-B, not at Krogers, not at Winn Dixie or any other grocery stores I have been at in different states. I, also, frequent Dollar Tree stores and have never seen it there before, until that one day I saw it on the shelf. I saw it because it was a big bottle so it caught my eye. Usually, when I go into Dollar Tree, there are average-sized bottle of dish soap. This one was bigger and obviously had more of the product in it than the other smaller bottles. This one was 50 fl oz.

The bottle states the solution is " aqueous solution of anionic & non anionic surfactants, stabilizers, perfume, colorants and quality control agents." The bottle does not have a brand name on it nor generic for that matter. I bought it at Dollar Tree. Again, I had not seen it in Dollar Tree before so when I saw it over a month ago, it was a big bottle of dish soap, so I opened to smell it and liked the smell so I bought it. I bought two bottles because again I was pretty sure since it was a rare item to find (such a big bottle of dish soap), that I’d get it before they stopped stocking it on their shelves. I have gone back since then multiple times and do not see on their shelves, but it can be found online. At the Dollar Tree you can get brand name bottles of dish soap and off-brand. Some bottles are small and some or larger, but regardless the size of anything at the Dollar Tree, every single item in that store is one dollar. I thought why spend a dollar on a small bottle when I can get more for the same price? Sure it was an off-brand but something I could try and I must say it was a smart purchase. It does better than brand name dish soap. That’s for sure.

More Results of Stain Removal Test

Now it did not remove all of the stain, so I squeezed a little bit more of this so-called dish soap onto the remaining part of the mug that was stained with turmeric. Instead of letting it sit overnight again, I immediately took the dish towel, ran the water and hand-washed the mug. The turmeric stain was gone just like that leaving me with a turmeric stained-free mug.

Who would have thought this dish soap would have done the job? Other dish soap of popular brands was not working, but this off brand dish soap (that I really thing is liquid laundry detergent) helped remove the turmeric stains on a mug that had been stained for over a month.


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