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Privacy Window Film

Updated on September 9, 2013
Privacy Window Film
Privacy Window Film

What is Privacy Window Film?

Privacy window film is a very affordable way to add privacy to your windows, glass doors, and shower enclosures. They come in a variety of textures and designs and can imitate the look of etched, frosted or stained glass. They can be easily applied to your existing glass windows, doors or any other glass surfaces. Great alternative for curtains and blinds.

These films are translucent which means they allow light to pass through the glass. Mirrored privacy films provide daytime privacy and allow you to see outside, but stop others from seeing in.

Along with providing you privacy, they are also UV resistant and reduce glare. Anywhere where you need light, but not the prying eyes, privacy window films are a way to go. For more info and some examples, click here.

D-I-Y Installation

Installation is very easy. All you need are a few common tools like squeegee, spray bottle, and a utility knife. A helper is recommended for large windows.

Here is short video showing how to install decorative window film for bathroom privacy:

The Benefits of Privacy Window Films

  • Increased Privacy
  • UV Protection
  • Reduced glare
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Increased energy savings
  • Protects furniture from fading
  • Makes glass surfaces safer, preventing injury from broken glass
  • Enhanced aesthetics

The use of privacy window film has grown considerably over the last years. It's no wonder why homeowners like it. The fact is that the real etched, frosted or stained glass is very expensive. With window films you can have the same look at a fraction of the cost.

Here is another video on how to install frosted window film:


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    • SunGloWF profile image


      8 years ago from Denver/Northern Colorado

      Good summary of view control window film. Another advantage to film versus stained/etched glass is that if you decided you want the window clear again, you have that ability. Film can be removed at any time!

      SunGlo is a window film provider for those who do not want to install it themselves. Check us out:

    • profile image

      Brian Song 

      8 years ago

      Dear To whom it may concern,


      I am writing to inform you that Co&Co.,Ltd. film company is located in Korea and i am Brian Song who is a

      Sales Manager of Overseas Marketing Team from Co&Co.,Ltd. in Korea.

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      We believe that the film market is in its various range and that we are uniquely

      positioned to successfully film industry.

      Also, we are confident that our proposed services will effectively address your needs. Our goal is to be a business partner by distributing window films.

      Co&Co.,Ltd. is a leading source for window films.

      Our efforts are constantly dedicated to supplying your company with quality products at competitive prices consistent with service that meets your needs.

      We can provide the best quality window films and pricing from our factory in Korea. We have been globally supplying bulk quantities to importers, distributors, and wholesalers.

      In addition to our extensive product line, we have the experience and ability to respond to your specific needs.

      Give us a call, e-mail or fax and we will do our best to help you.

      By availing itself of our services as below:

      1. Glue-tinted type solar control film

      2. Dyed type solar control film

      3. Heat shielding window film (IR) for automobiles and Residential application.

      4. Sputtering film

      5. Matte and Decorative film

      6. Safety film

      Our special ability to manufacture the product in whole techinical engineer and our

      successful track record in 10 years experience makes us an invaluable partner in

      the film market. We look forward to forming a mutually rewarding relationship with

      your company.

      Finally we declare that due diligence has been performed in order to

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      If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me and

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      Thank you in advance and Best regards


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      Brian Song, Mob: 82-10-2713-2376


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