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Problems Growing Tomatoes

Updated on September 8, 2010

Problems Growing Tomatoes

Although it might seem like an easy job, growing tomatoes is not at all that easy. There are a lot of possible problems. While some stand out as rare we do have some that are really common and you need to know about them. Let us think about the growing problems that are really common when referring to tomatoes.

Tomato Blight is first on our list. This is basically potato blight although it is similarly affecting tomatoes due to the fact that both vegetables are included in the same family. In most cases nothing can be done when tomato blight appears. It can be prevented though if you use proper hygiene. Basically you need to pay attention to the water you are using so that it is clean at all times. Different fungicidal sprays can also help you out much.

While you grow tomatoes you might deal with a virus infection at times. They are usually fatal for a plant. Common symptoms that have to be analyzed are yellowing, leaf mottling and reduced yield. You need to cut out affected leaves. In most of the situations you can ignore a virus infection by simply cutting damaged leaves. At times the tomato plant might look like it suffers from a virus only to actually have a magnesium deficiency. If you use good fertilizer you can avoid this and treatment is also easy.

End rot and tomato pests are aslo common. If we have rot then you will see one brown patch on the fruit at the base. This will happen as the plant is drying out and you can avoid this if you do pay attention at all times. Tomato pests can usually be taken care of easily. There are not many that will attack tomatoes.

One really big problem when growing tomatoes is soil sickness. It is never recommended to grow the same plants in the same spots. Attention is necessary and the soil needs to be replaced every year so that the quality always stays high.

A lot of other problems can appear whenever you are growing tomatoes although the ones above are common. If at any point in time you are having a problem you do not know of make sure you ask for help.


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