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DIY Home Solar Power– Save Money, Save the Planet

Updated on November 16, 2011

DIY home solar power

DIY home solar power. A growing number of people around the world are the discovering benefits of home solar power. They save money on electric bills, and they help save planet earth.

DIY solar power – reduce greenhouse gases

You help save planet earth by reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.  Your home-produced electricity does not have to be generated by large expensive power stations and transported over transmission lines, through substations and distribution lines.

Although individually, your reduction in electric power demand may be small -- consider this: you will be joining a growing number of homes and businesses whose combined reduction in electric demand on utilities will over time make a substantial reduction in greenhouse gases.

Do it yourself solar power – save money on your electric bills

Why do so many businesses and homeowners switch to solar power?

After looking at high electric bills and knowing that future electric rates are likely to go even higher, they took a serious look at solar power. They discovered that the price of solar power is actually going down. Reasons for this include:

  • new business investment in solar research, development and manufacturing capacity
  • government incentives,
  • more firms at the local level in the business of installing home solar power systems

Look into solar power for your home. Check out all federal and state financial incentives available to you. Consult with solar system installers in your community. Compare prices. Even after government incentives, how much up-front investment will you have to make? How much money will you be saving on your electric bills each year by installing solar power? How many years will it take for you to recoup your up-front investment?

Reduce energy consumption at home – save money

Save energy and money through new home energy management tools. Find leaks and drafts by thermal leak detection. Control thermostat and lights via home automation.

If you decide later to install solar power, your remaining electric bill will be all that much lower. You may even get a credit from your utility if you are tied into their grid and your solar power systems produces more electricity than you consume.

Make your own solar panel

Suppose you’re not ready to make a big investment in a professionally installed whole house power system, but you still want to produce energy at home. Build a solar panel yourself as a home project.

If you are a home handyperson who likes to do home improvement projects – you can make your own solar panel for very little cost. Once you have completed your project, the sun’s freely given energy will begin producing free electricity that you can use at home.

Making your own solar panel can be a fun project. You’ll learn s solar power science and discover practical applications of the electricity produced by your solar panel. You’ll also learn whether solar power is right for conditions at your home.

Excellent DIY solar panel guides are available on the Internet

Here’s where you’ll find 5 top home solar systems reviewed and rated.

What is the biggest roadblock to home solar power?

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