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The Pros Of Living In An Apartment Community

Updated on January 22, 2018

Pros Of Living In An Apartment Community

Renting a new place to call home can sometimes be confusing and stressful. If you are considering living in an apartment community, here are some of the pros of living in a community instead of renting out a house or living in a duplex.

Community Living

If the apartment community has a clubhouse and a sense of community with its members, you might like the feeling of belonging to the community. Some communities have bingo or poker night and other meetings or events for residents. This can bring people together and help you to meet some of your neighbors. If you feel lonely, this might be a good place for you to live so that you can get involved with other members right in your own apartment community.

Pools and Other Amenities

Some apartment communities have indoor and/or outdoor pools that you can use. There are also other amenities at some complexes, such as an on-site gym, golf course, tennis courts, playground and dog parks. Having these amenities is convenient because everything is right within the apartment community so you don't have to travel. Usually the cost to use these amenities is included in your rent payment. If you are looking to get fit, it might be easier for you to hit the gym if it is right on the community property.


At some apartment communities, there may be 24/7 security available. Other places may have something called night patrol, where security will drive around the parking lot of your apartment complex to help keep the community safe. If you are looking for a place that might give you more peace of mind, you may want to look into a gated community or one that offers security on-site.


Many apartment communities offer maintenance to help if something breaks in your apartment. For example, if your dishwasher breaks, you can call maintenance directly and have it fixed by one of the members of the community's maintenance team. You do not have to search for someone to fix things in your apartment because maintenance is usually on-site. Also the maintenance fee is usually included in your apartment's monthly rent price.

Snow Removal and Lawn Care

If you would rather not shovel snow or take care of the outside of your property, apartment communities usually do that for you. The fee for these services may also be included in your monthly rent. This can be especially helpful for older residents and those who have trouble with doing outside chores.


Some apartment communities are built in scenic areas to attract residents. If you would like to have a nice view outside of your window, there may be a community along a river that might interest you. You can do a search for apartment communities that have beautiful landscaping or scenery. There may be a nice area where you could do some walking and take in the beautiful scenery right in your own community.


At some apartment community places, you might have your own assigned parking. This might make it easier than trying to find parking on a street, unless you find a place to rent that has its own driveway or garage.


Living in an apartment community can help you feel like you belong. With its many activities and events, you might get the chance to get out more and be social. An apartment community can be more convenient as there are many amenities on-site in some communities.

However, some people may not find living in a community appealing. There are some issues that can arise from living in one, such as noisy neighbors, problems with pests such as bugs or mice, privacy issues, not having your own yard and rent increases.

If you are considering living in an apartment community, I suggest your do your research on that particular place. You can search for reviews online. If you feel satisfied with what you read, you might be able to request a free tour to see if it is a place where you would like to live.

Remember it is your money and your life, so do not feel pressured by a leasing agent. If you do not feel right about living in an apartment community after you've checked it out, then it might not be the best place for you.


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