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Top 5 Best Pruning Shears For Your Money - Gardening Tools You Must Not Miss

Updated on September 22, 2017
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Gardening is what I do best. An agriculturist by profession, my goal is to help spread knowledge that the earth is made to sustain humankind

Managing Your Garden With The Pruners

Pruning shears or garden shears, are for me, some of the most reliable gardening tools anyone must have to manage plants specifically indoor and outdoor plants.

And I think you already know that with the best pruning shears you can actually do a lot of magic with it.

I know, you are on this page to check out which pruner should be the best buy.

Well, without much ado, I present to you the pruning shears best sellers as well as their features and advantages.

Oh, just a note, make sure you wear garden gloves when using pruners or better if this would be leather gardening gloves especially when dealing with thorny plants like roses and cutting right there in the middle.

There are three types of pruning shears, the Bypass, Anvils and the Ratchets.

Know their differences from the videos below.

Difference Between a Bypass and an Anvil Pruner

Wonderful Things About The Ratchet Pruner

6 Top of the Line Hand Pruners Anyone Can Afford to Buy

This is to ease out your search not only for the most amazing pruning shears but also for the affordable ones.

Haus & Garten Pruning Shears - Titanium Bypass Hand Pruner, Trimmer for Professional & Home Use

I got this tough Haus & Garten pruner which is a honest-to-goodness all-metal cutter about two years ago and since I had it, this became my instant favorite just like my reliable and sharp machete.

Especially when I am faced with tough, hard twigs that other pruners can't handle, I would grab this tool and this will surely do all the cutting easy.

This one is really heavy duty and very reliable because it has all the features I like. What are these?

First, this is equipped with high-tempered titanium steel blade manufactured by Haus & Garten in Germany. Some people know this as the "Barracuda Bypass Pruner" because it is really tough.

Second, from its handles down to its body, these are made of drop forged aluminum and steel and basically more durable than other so-called professional pruners.

Third, I also like its ergonomically engineered anti-slip cushioned hand grips and absorbing pads that aid me for unrestrained use and I don't worry injuring my wrist even with repetitive cutting motions. As an added feature, its sap grooves prevents sap from sticking to the blade as well.

What is also unique with this Titanium Bypass Pruner is its High-Tech Adjustment System. With this, I can adjust its cutting capacity and don't have problems cutting out large branches.

It has also an integrated wire cutting notch for cutting small wires and I really need this when putting on trellis for my tomatoes and need to cut wires to hold up metals.

No wonder my friends who are gardeners and professional landscapers themselves have their own tools like this one.

If you ask me what I can quickly recommend to you if you are looking for a heavy-duty, lifetime cutting tool that will surely stand its ground against tough woods, I really recommend this one. Just the feel of its all metal body, you'll know this will be your handy pruner for a long time.

Ratchet Pruning Shears For Weak Hands, Anvil Style

I got a friend who suffers from arthritis and therefore have now weak hands. He asked me what I can recommend to him about an excellent pruner he can use and not hurt his hands.

Then I did not hesitate telling him about the anvil pruner which I bought for my sister last year.

This one is really designed to be efficient even for people with hand problems and of course excellent for women's use. Why I did tell him about this clipper?

Ideally, because this pruner has 3- stage ratchet action so he can use it to cut small plant parts like flowers’ stems, but still reliable even for woods that are 1 inch (2.5 cm) or bigger.

And what have you, its blade is made of alloy material with hardened high carbon steel blade and my sister also like its lightness but most of all its worry-free about blade bending.

When I tested this myself, I love the feel of its rubberized hand grips and checked these are made of Neoprene that's why they feel like soft rubber. Its unique features? The guarded lower handle is designed with index finger guide so my finger really did not slip out even this was wetter.

For extra features: the removable oil sponge, enables me to oil its blade with no mess and that provides more fluid cut. Its blade is also replaceable and with lock mechanism.

This is also perfect for all women especially older women who still love gardening but being bothered by pain in their hands. It may look big and bulky but once you handle it, it would feel so light in your hands and easy to use.

So for people who read this and looking for handy, hand pruner that is light to use and yet generate excellent cut, this ratchet pruning tool is what I do recommend. You can now bring along with it your garden buckets to contain your flowers and vegetables or even trimmings.

Fiskars Power-Lever Anvil Pruner (91105935J)

I do believe that Fiskars are always reliable tools in any of their tool department and this power-level anvil pruner did not fail my expectations. I bought this Fiskars anvil pruner along with 2 loppers last year while looking for some reliable garden tools.

This has the many qualities I like about an ideal pruner. It's made of rugged all-steel construction, corrosion-resistant and features Fiskars’ Power-Lever technology that enables it to cut up twice easier than the single-pivot pruners.

I tested it and proved that with less than 1” diameter cutting capacity, it can be your excellent pruning tool for dead growths and when pruning your roses.

With anvil blades that are coated with non-stick elements and fully hardened to reach maximum cutting capacity, I really had an easy time cutting off branches and twigs here, there and everywhere in my garden.

Don’t worry about getting the blisters, its non-slip handles are also designed for blister-free use. I don’t get bothered also about accidental blade unlock because it is equipped with an easy-slip blade locks for safer storage.

As an Anvil, you won’t even feel its blade cutting on little branches even those hard twigs that grow on young trees. It’s like a lopper that have been compacted, shortened and strengthened to maintain its slice-like-on- butter character.

And unlike other Anvil pruners that would not last long because of hard use, this tool is guaranteed to last long and it's made by Fiskars. The brand should always tell more about the product and I can also guarantee you that this will last for a very long time with almost no need for too much maintenance. All it needs is basic cleaning.

This also comes with a lifetime warranty and made for medium-sized hands so check this out first if you'll be hunting for strong anvil pruner but nicely efficient even for heavy cutting.

Dramm 60-18014 Green Stainless Steel Compact Pruner

I always thought that women love gardening more than men that's why I am also concerned what to present to women gardeners and plant lovers about the best pruners designed for their hands.

And it's a good thing I have lady friends who have their own sets of pruners so they were the ones I got the best source from.

One of the pruners they showed me and really got my attention was this Dramm stainless steel compact pruner. This one really suits standard women's hands.

It has soft rubberized handles to eliminate discomfort during use and help prevent blisters and avoid having sores or developing strained hands or wrists.

With its size, this provides all the convenience for all those who have small hands, but need to have an efficient pruner for their pruning tasks.

This cute Dramm garden cutter has a ¼ inch cutting capacity, but very this is an efficient pruner with corrosion resistant blades that are made of stainless steel.

Ergonomically designed for non-slip grips and equipped with a blade lock for safe storage, it is an ideal tool for trimming woody stems and perennials or for snipping off small branches and twigs and great for dead heading.

Actually, this model comes in six colors: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Berry and Blue. And if you love colorful tools this can match your vibrant garden buckets wonderfully.

On the one hand, I tried one myself and I was surprised that it cuts very well and smoothly. So though I am generally recommending this to women, I should say this can also be a must-have for anyone who love to snip small twigs or prune indoor plants especially the bonsai.

Yes, I do have 5 bonsais at home and sometimes I find it hard pruning them using large pruners specifically when I need to cut outgrowths right inside their bushy little stems. So I was lucky I have one pruner like this one.

And did you know that this little snippet can cut away any fishing nylons smoothly? I recommend this to friends who tie fish lures on heavy duty fishing lines to cut away excess strings and they love its sharpness.

Felco F-6 Classic Pruner For Smaller Hands

Some guys always want quality when it comes to tools and of course I'm one of them. And when I see that the tool is made in the US, I know this won't fail my expectations.

This Felco pruner is purely made in the US and considered a classic pruner that carries the company’s reputation as an ideal pruner for everybody.

Be it professionals or individuals who just plainly love to maintain their garden’s appeal, this pruner is excellent for cutting off dead grape vines, clearing off dead branches on shrubs and trees and a lot more.

Also made specifically for small to medium sized hands, it wonderfully fits ladies hands and very lightweight considering its all metal construction.

Actually, this serves as my back-up pruner and whenever I encounter hardy branches and worried that my usual pruners may dent its blades, I use this one.

Its blades are of the highest quality hardened steel so it always provides precision cut while the sap groove prevents the sap from accumulating in-between the blades.

With its .8-inch cutting capacity, I can adjust its handle to fit the way I want to grip. This clipper is solid. You don't have to worry that it would break with tough use. Its handles are also covered with tough rubber non-slip coating to absorb shock.

Safety wise, this is also equipped with a very versatile and secure lock that clicks once you secures its blade. This is crucial because I always get worried when I put pruners inside my back pocket that may accidentally open and cause me wounds when I reach for it. But for this one, its lock is kept secured under its blade and not its side.

One more thing, because this is constructed from forged steel from its blade down to its handles, this will never break, dent or loosen any nut so this is absolutely shock resistant.


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