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Public Bathrooms, A Humorous Look

Updated on June 14, 2012

Ladies Room Design

Who in the world designs the public ladies rooms? It has to be a man as they do not need the same space as a female. Think about it, they stand most of the time, we sit all of the time!

The man can keep his coat or jacket on while a female has to remove theirs most of the time.

Usually a man has nothing to hang on the hook on the back of the door, a female usually has a purse to hang up.

Bathroom size

When someone has to go to the bathroom it usually means they really have to go. A female spends up to 15 minutes waiting inside the ladies room once she gets in the door. You never see a line to get into a men's room.

Whats wrong here? How about putting in more stalls in the ladies rooms!

Entering the Cubical

After opening the door of the ladies space, you might have to turn around as there is no room to turn around once in there. You might actually have to back in before you can close the door, if you even can close the door without your knees touching. You might also have to take off your coat if it is winter time as there is no room to take it off once inside.

If you are lucky, you might find a hook for your purse and coat on the door. If you do not, you will have to keep your coat on and hook your purse over your neck. If you have a clutch purse, you are out of luck!

Seats and Paper

Once you are in and ready to go, you have to deal with the height of the toilet. Sometimes they are so low you think you are going to fall on the ground. Other times they are so high you cannot reach down to get the paper.

If you are lucky you will find the seat liners filled up in the stall, but then you have to struggle with putting them on the seat and remember, you cannot turn around as there is no room....

Handicap Stalls

If you are in line for a stall and there are no people waiting to get into the handicap stall you can use it quickly. They are a lot bigger and the seats are nice and high, but the toilet paper is almost on the floor.

Isn't this suppose to help the handicap, how are they going to reach down to get the paper. If they are short, how are they suppose to get on the seat? Maybe a step stool will help.

Bigger and Better

Maybe someday, some female will design a bigger, better ladies room. Until then, we will just have to grin and bear it.


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