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How to Prevent Toilet Water from Splashing onto You

Updated on September 26, 2012
Oooh! The water is always cold... and icky.
Oooh! The water is always cold... and icky.

Before you continue reading, the images that might come to mind concerning the topic of this hub might be disturbing and embarrassing. Don't be afraid though, because it has happened to all of us at one point or another and left us feeling dirty, cold and very uncomfortable.

I am talking about 'Splash-Back'.

Now if there is a technical term I am unaware, but bear with me, I will refrain from providing any graphic language as to bring on the cringes we all feel with this experience.

I have hope though! What brings me to this subject was a quick reading of the very entertaining and informative, The Toilet Lid Must Be Put Down! It's Official and Here's Why. If you have time check out BKCreative see why toilet lids need be down.

We Need to Go There

I want to paint a picture in your mind, so close your eyes and read along.... Well, perhaps you should read along and then close your eyes.

I want you to imagine standing directly over a tub of water. It is an old cast-iron tub with the bear claw feet and the rubber drain stop. The white overlay is old and worn in places and along with some nicks, is revealing the black metal beneath. You are actually tilting your torso over the side and looking down on the cold, clear water that is uncomfortably close to the brim. Holding a fist sized river stone, the smooth, heavy oblong typed, you raise it up face level and prepare to drop it in.

Do we see where we are going? When you drop the stone, the ensuing splash will probably reach your face and give you reason to wish you brought a towel. Now translate this experience with one you might have had while sitting on the toilet. Yes! You can see what I mean! Which you probably already deduced from the title and my ambiguity.

There is a Solution.

Let me enlighten you to a helpful tip which has stood strong and withheld test upon test.

Take my scenario before and instead of using the towel you wish you had brought to dry your face, place it flat on the surface of the water so it sort of floats on top. (Consider the towel a lighter, lower thread-count sort.) Are you tracking with me? Now position yourself once more with the stone and drop it. Instead of a face-full of water you hear a healthy 'plop' with little or no splashback.

Yes. I want to suggest to you that a square or two of toilet paper well placed on the surface of your toilet bowl pool will reduce that annoying occurrence to a thing of the past. For real! I challenge you to give it a shot and if it doesn't work out, you can have your money back.

Note: Please try this at home too. Though public toilets are where I practice this the most. Those things just give me the heebie-jeebies.


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