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Quarantined. Overall Health, Peace, and Productivity

Updated on August 11, 2021
Freedom C profile image

Freedom is a disciple and a seeker of higher learning. She utilizes prayer, the bible, and other resources when writing her articles.


It can be difficult to adjust when your daily routine and life suddenly changes. Here are several tips to help you mentally, physically, and emotionally adjust.

Mental Well Being

There are many ways to care for your mental well being.

  • Prayer creates an intimate relationship between the creation and the creator. Prayer promotes overall well-being. People report they feel comfort, security and less stress after praying.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude. Being thankful aids in reducing stress hormones, can improve your quality of sleep, and decreases blood pressure. There are several benefits linked to being thankful. Try to find a silver lining in everything. Focus on what you have rather than what you don't have. Utilize and make the most of what you have.
  • Take care of your body. Eat balanced and nutritious meals. Try to limit your sugar intake. Too much sugar can cause your energy level to crash. Replenish with water, and try to get the recommended amount of sleep that your body needs.
  • Setting realistic goals and keeping them will result in self-worth and accomplishment.
  • When you are helping someone you are less focused on yourself. There are creative ways that you can help other people from your home and never come in contact with them. These good deeds can vary from a simple phone call to making supplies that are in high demand.

Utilize modern technology.
Utilize modern technology.

Modern Technology

Most people have a device of some sort to access the internet. If you are bored with your old surfing routines, here are some fresh ideas.

  • Consider mentorship or becoming a mentee. Whether you are looking for a mentor or decide to become one, there are online mentor programs available. Facebook has made this simple by adding a mentor-ship tab.
  • Several famous attractions offer free virtual tours. Browse different topics of interest and find your next adventure.
  • Regardless of your age or educational level, there are numerous learning sites at your fingertips. There are entire platforms that offer anywhere from free certificates to paid degrees.
  • Learn something to do something new. Have you ever wondered how did they make that cozy blanket or cooked that appealing dish? There are video tutors and how-to documents available for about anything that you would like to learn.
  • Now is a great time to catch up on that book you have wanted to read or watch that movie you have wanted to see. Most library sites have digital copies available for free.
  • Have you considered blogging or starting a vlog? Perhaps you have an experience or talent that you would like to share with the world. Now is your time.

Stay active.
Stay active.

The best way to get things done, just do it.

Be Active

There are several ways to keep active while staying at home.

  • From simple steps to more advanced moves, exercising helps relieve stress, frustration, and anxiety.
  • Walking boosts endorphins, which can reduce stress hormones.
  • Dancing burns calories and relieves stress. Look up some new or old dance routines that you would enjoy.
  • It's the perfect time to pull out the old Wii Fit, twister, or an active game that attracts your attention.
  • Deep cleaning reduces the collection of hidden dust and provides a cleaner living environment. Rid your closets of clutter. Sweep underneath your furniture and frequently missed corners. Wash walls and your appliances.
  • Do you remember that old stand or dresser in the corner of the attic? Now is the perfect time to stain, polish, and restore your favorite items.
  • Gather your gardening tools and get a head start on clearing out the brush and debris that winter has left behind.

Consider starting a new hobby.
Consider starting a new hobby. | Source


Beginning a new hobby is exciting and fun. Whether it's learning to play a new instrument, learning a new language, the possibilities are almost endless. Here is a shortlist of things that you can do with materials found around most homes.

  • Spread hope. People are using creative ways to spread inspirational messages of love and hope. You can spell out words with solar lights. Paint a quote on wood or a rock, then put these items on display in your yard. Send cards or messages to encourage others.
  • Have you considered bird watching? There are thousands of species of birds on our planet. How many different species have you seen in your yard?
  • Make a birdhouse. You can use anything from a coffee can, to ceramic pots, and of course wood. This is your chance to get creative. (Please keep the safety of the animal in mind.)

Make the most out of this moment.

Family Time

Children will enjoy many of the suggestions listed in this article. Here are a few more simple ideas, they might enjoy.

  • Have a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items around your home that your children can find.
  • Use your free time to teach your youth the necessities of life. Washing laundry, cooking, and balancing a checkbook are a few to start with.
  • Reminisce with your family by sorting through photo albums. Share the stories behind the pictures.
  • Have a family art night. Set a theme or take turns drawing one another.
  • Do you remember the board games or legos that your family once enjoyed? Pull them out and make it a family night.
  • When you have multiple children in the same environment, it can be overwhelming. Each child wants to be heard and recognized. If possible, set aside individualized time with each child.


Take a moment just for you. It's alright to unwind and relax.

  • Fill your room with a soothing smell.
  • Soak in a bath or shower.
  • Enjoy your favorite drink.
  • Talk with a friend over video chat, phone, or through text.
  • Turn on your favorite music.
  • Unwind before bed with prayer or deep breathes.

This moment.

Remember, this too shall pass. Laugh when you can and make the most of the moment.

© 2020 Freedom C


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