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Quick Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Updated on May 4, 2016

Are you planning to sell your house? It may not be in the immediate future, but at the back of your mind you know that you’d want to sell it eventually and move in to a newer place. So how can you exactly increase the value of your home so you can get the most money out of it?

If you’ve been watching a lot of home improvement shows on television, you probably already have an idea on how to do it. As to the tips I will be presenting you in this article, you might have already encountered a few of them, but nevertheless these will give you the understanding on how you can make your house more pleasing to the buyer, and therefore, increase its value.

1. Put a fresh coat of paint.

Painting your house is probably the cheapest and the quickest way for you to immediately increase its value. If your house is already a decade old, it would probably be in need of a fresh coat of paint as the old paint would be starting to get some stain and even peel off. But don’t just paint your home with any color. For example, stay away from colors like pink and lavender as these are not safe colors. Meaning, not a lot of people prefer that color for their houses thus making your target market a lot smaller. So it’s better to choose safer colors like white and gray.

2. Renovate your kitchen.

Admittedly, a kitchen renovation project is not cheap. Especially if you’re going to replace everything from the tiles to the kitchen sinks and faucets to make everything look modern. If you don’t have the money for it, what you can do is to at least better organize all your kitchen stuff. You can use some storage systems to better segregate your kitchen items and you can start to make full and better use of your cabinets.

3. Do some changes to the bathroom.

You don’t have to completely renovate your bathroom, just replace some of the items in there. You can start with the toilet seat. Replace it with a newer one with better functions and perhaps one which uses water more efficiently. You may also change the tiles which will immediately make the bathroom look new and updated.

4. Convert the garage into another room.

Perhaps you have a garage that doesn’t really store any vehicle, but instead just serves as a big storage area? Convert it into another room like a man’s cave or a work area. Even better if you can make it into another bedroom, turning your two-bedroom home into a three. That will really add value to your house.

5. Replace the carpet.

If you’ve been living in your house for decades then chances are the carpet all around the rooms are already dingy and worn out. It is often cheaper to change the carpet than to renovate a whole room so choose an inexpensive but really nice looking carpet to make your house look fresher.

6. Do some landscaping.

An unkempt lawn or garden can greatly decrease the value of your house. You don’t even need to hire an expensive landscaping service. Sometimes all you need to do is to rake off the fallen leaves and trim your plants and your garden will be looking great once again. Of course if you have the budget for it, it wouldn’t hurt if you can add other features like a fountain, pergola, or a new walkway.

7. Add more seating areas.

If you have a big lawn or outside space, adding more seating areas would make your home value increase. Add some patio furniture or even an outdoor couch. Many home buyers are on the look out for a house that has great spaces where they can entertain their friends. So make your home more appealing to them simply by adding more chairs outside.

Should you DIY or hire an expert?

Increase the value of your house can easily done all by yourself, granted that you have the skills and more importantly, the time to do everything. If not, then it’s best to leave everything to the expert like an interior designer and a contractor. After all, you are not simply paying them to do the job, but you’re also paying for their years of experience in making homes better.

Now take the next step!

So, there you have it! Increasing the value of your home is always a win-win situation. Make those improvements now and not only will you get more money out of it should you decide to sell, but you'll have a better looking residence to go home to each day.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 23 months ago from the short journey

      These are some useful tips that could help make a quick sell.