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Real Estate Properties As Investments

Updated on March 29, 2011

If you are considering of investing in Real Estate, now is the best time to invest.

Here are some facts about Real Estate:

1. The Real Estate is achieving high level of popularity in terms of investment approach. This is one area that attracts the residents to put their money and acquire wealth. It is also in real estate that expatriates are very much interested with in considering an investment opportunity where in their hard earned money can truly be converted in building wealth.

2. There are several Real Estate companies who are engaged in delivering the best real estate properties in different parts of the country. These companies offer different payment schemes which suit the needs of their clients.

3. Some local banks are offering housing loans for those who want a low cash outlay, provided one should prove capability to repay by showing the work and financial status.

4. There are good deals for banks acquired assets or foreclosed properties. This is one of the best considerations when engaging into real estate investments. Your local banks can provide the listings of these assets for sale.

What should be considered in acquiring a real estate property?

1. Purpose. Identify your purpose in acquiring the property. Is it for long term investment? Or for immediate use of the family? This should be identified right away. For immediate needs, you may consider those properties that are ready for occupancy, and/or available for turn-over to prospective tenants.

For properties that are not for immediate needs, you may consider the pre-selling projects by some of the leading property developers. These are properties which are still for construction. This will give you a good deal, and the cost after 3 years, which is a standard maturity period or the construction period, will increase by almost 30%, and you can re-sell at a very good price.

2. Cash availability. Check your finances, if you are capable of paying in full or through mortgage. You may want to inquire with the local banks and compare the interest if you opted to go through mortgage scheme. Some banks offer up to 10 years loan mortgage. There are private financing institution as well that provides long term loans.

3. Type of Property. House & Lot, Condominium, Number of bedrooms, Lot / Floor Area. These will be based on your needs and preferences.

4. Location. This is one important aspect in acquiring real estate properties. The location will dictate the rate of the property. Make sure that the location is accessible to the main shops. In this way, you can easily rent this out, and/or re-sell if you will decide to.

Real Estate is one of the best investment opportunities when considering a good return of investment after some time of waiting, since the cost of real estate is accelerating. 


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