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Raised Bed Garden Kits in Cedar or Plastic

Updated on August 16, 2014

Raised bed gardens are more and more popular these days, especially if you have a limited amount of space to devote to gardening. Raised beds are a favorite with older gardeners because they can be elevated and elmininate the bending that often comes with gardening. They can be used for vegetable gardens, flower beds, and herb gardens. We take a look at some of the different ways that you can make a raised garden bed.

Cedar Raised Bed Kits

The easiest, and for many of us what will be the most attractive option is to use a raised bed garden kit. You can find these at many gardening retailers, and the choices vary from plastic, to wood; from 8" high to 3' high (great for handicapped and the elderly gardener!). Not only can you buy raised bed kits, but you can buy just the pieces like raised bed corners which allows you to create a bed as large or small as you wish.

If you do just use the corners, you have a more flexibility in choosing the shape of the bed. There are hex corners that allow you to make a hex shaped bed, which is almost impossible to find in a total kit.

Cedar raised bed kits are some of the most attractive raised gardens. Cedar is a natural choice for use outdoors, it's quite durable, and the knotty cuts of wood usually used in these kits have a unique character all to themselves. You can find these in many sizes, and some have elements like raised ball finials that give a little more decorative look to them than the traditional bare rails of a raised bed.

One other common way to build a cedar raised gardens is to elevate it and have it standing off the ground. This can be a real boon for elderly gardeners or others who have a hard time with the bending over that comes with gardening at ground level. Cedar Creek makes a popular series of elevated raised bed kits tha come in a variety of sizes, and most have a platform underneath the bed that can be used for storage.

Plastic Raised Garden Kits

If you are looking for something a little less expensive, you may want to look at raised garden kits. These can be made from recycled plastic materials, or there are some that are now made from resin. These come in many colors, and don't have to be painted. You can find them in white, black, green, and brown. There is a brand that uses a composite that combines wood and plastic for a unique weather wood look.

Related to those, there are a number of faux rock planters available. These look like a raised stone wall, but are made from a lightweight plastic composite. These even come in a curved style so you can create a round planter.

These garden kits are a great way to carve out a bit of your yard to start gardening.

Ready To Plant

If you are a beginning gardener, you may want to check out the article below with our best choices for the easiest Top 10 things to grow in your new raised bed garden. Good Luck!

Raised Beds In Community Gardens

There is a new trend alive in large city and suburban areas to host a community garden. Many of these community gardens are made up of all raised garden beds because they have strict borders and they are usually started in a spot where nothing was tended to before or may have been extra space which means the ground level soil may not be in the best of shape. In a raised bed garden you can control your soil content from the beginning, enriching it each season.


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      7 years ago

      I love raised flower beds as an added accents to my garden. In our backyard we've added a couple of raised flower beds to both our vegetable and flower gardens. It makes the stand out more and they're a lot easier to work on. They're a nice focal point too. Thanks for the additional information.


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