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Rally Manufacturing 8 in 1 Power Generator Product Review

Updated on May 5, 2013

I was recently looking into some sort of small power generator, not so much for large appliances, but namely for my laptop, dvd players and maybe a light or curling iron. We have periods of outages where I am from and it would be nice to put on a cartoon for my four year old if the power goes out, good distraction. So there is a lot of options for power generation, solar panel kits, gasoline, diesel or gas generators or what many would call, a jump box. Although this is called a generator, it really is in a sense a battery that is rechargeable.

I found this product in Home Depot for around 90 dollars online with free shipping. There were no product reviews on this product, but for the price I figured it was worth a try. It has enough juice (140 watt continuous) to run most small appliances, laptops, lights, coffee grinder, portable dvd player and cell phones. It is packed full of features, super light weight and really just quite handy. I have had it around a month and have used it extensively. It has done well with charging everything up, more so than expected. You can use the products while charging, however you will get more out of this product if you actually charge while turned off and using it then.

PREPPING QUALITIES- Beyond having a small power source on hand, it is also completely noise less. I know that after any disastor it may not be prudent to use loud gas generators that can give away your location. It also has a no-fuel needed recharge system, even though it may be a pain, it can still be done without too much effort.

Eight Great Features

  1. Jumper cables- You can jump your car without another car, cables are attached to the side. You just flip a switch and there ya go. Built in reverse polarity warning.
  2. Light- Built in to the unit with over 1000 running hours per charge.
  3. Crank power generator- Not only can you plug it in to the wall to charge the battery, you can also pull the lever to create power in emergency situations. This was the kicker for me, never know when you won’t be able to get your hands on some fuel, so this was nice. However, imagine pulling a lawn mower cord starter for 15 minutes. It is an aerobic work out for sure.
  4. Air compressor 230 psi- Can inflate a tire in 6-8 minutes, however I have not had a chance to try that part of it. I have turned it on to check it out, but haven’t inflated anything yet though I am sure I will be as satisfied as I have been. Also comes with all the accessories you will need.
  5. Emergency Flashers-Great for when you are stuck on the side of the road.
  6. 110 AC Power outlet- For small appliances and other regular wall plugs (1)
  7. DC Power Outlet-Anything that can be charged in your car (1)
  8. USB Power Outlet-For smaller cameras and such


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