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Assigning Our Living Spaces: Arranging House Furniture

Updated on September 1, 2014

Living spaces come real

Making a house a reality is a dream
Making a house a reality is a dream | Source

Making spaces in the house harmonious

Every house has at least two kinds of spaces.

a) Sitting or relaxing space

b) Working space

Define sitting space and working space

Sitting space is that required to watch the television, relax after a meal, wait for the mail carrier or read a book. You may have sitting space in your front room, living room or balcony. The important thing is that it is secluded and has good arm space. By arm space we mean, one can write or take notes without having to go through too much trouble.

Now what is working space? This is the place where you cut the vegetables, iron your clothes or fix the broken windowpane. This may be in your garage, your kitchen or your living room.

An example of smart furniture

Happiness comes from harmony

When your spaces are ordered and there is smooth flow of traffic (this means junior running around will not affect anyone else), there is increased efficiency in the house. This creates positive energy, which grows and makes everyone happy. This makes people healthy physically.

Getting clutter out of the way

Most old furniture is bulky. They have their looks but they take up too much space. If you have the space, it is all right you can flaunt it. However, for those who need more space, it is a good idea to substitute bulky furniture for smaller tidier versions that will help you save space. Similarly, if you have more than one chair in the place where one suffices you should consider discarding the extra one.

Ideas for newbies

Here are some tips for those who are starting out new. You can stick to frugal methods but incorporate smart ideas too. Even if you can splash out you can adopt some or all of these methods to convert your house into a magical paradise.

  • Buy second hand furniture: Go online and check out discount stores. You will find hundreds of places that offer cheap second hand furniture. Another way to economize is to share expenses with your roommate or partner. Online stores give you much choice but one should also check the local store to see if they have any bargains.
  • Buy folding beds: For saving space, you have to think “folding table” “folding bed” and anything you can fold up and shove under or away. Innovative furniture makers are coming up with ideas that simply make creating spaces a snip.
  • Buy smart furniture: Another wise investment is smart furniture. This portion of the furniture department creates revolutionary furniture that folds away, bends and sways and even disappears into walls.

Utilize space efficiently

Ordering your spaces increases efficiency
Ordering your spaces increases efficiency | Source

Time bound functionality

You can see how functionality predominates everything else in your house. This means that your house spaces will support and aid your routine functioning even when you are not aware of it. You wash your face and go to read the paper the spaces are smoothly flowing. If somebody wants to watch television, there is no disturbance to you or your routine. When a house has maximum built in functionality, it has maximum efficiency.

If you have problems carrying out your routine activities or you notice someone in household is having problems then you need to address the problem directly. Here are the questions you have to ask:

a) What part of your routine is affected and by whom or what?

b) Do you have this problem everyday?

c) Have you tried to solve it by changing your routine?

d) Do you think you need help in solving this?

Primarily overlapping spaces create tension. To resolve this one need not change the routine. You only have to seek an alternate space solution. If you have a terrace, you can use this area to carry out some routine activity. Sometimes the solution may lie in changing the timing so that you can avoid two clashing routines.

Have large spaces for yourself

Effective space utilization

House is the space that needs to be kept alive and vibrant for all the members of the house. The family is the smallest social group that spends time together, celebrating occasions and festivals to mark the passage of time in a positive manner. Time is the precious gift that one shares with friends and of course with members of the family. Pieces of furniture and articles that are not in use should be either thrown out or given away. There is a time for everything. Time is precious, once it is gone, it can never be got back again. Giving time its due value is the duty of every responsible citizen.

Getting bulky furniture out of the way

Every house has some furniture. Acquiring furniture is a pastime for some people. Furniture should be kept in its proper place. The one thing that has kept the family members together is the house. Useless furniture takes up unnecessary space, blocks the flow of people and the work and impedes progress.

Live Comfortably

Make yourself and everyone around you comfortable. This is easier than it sounds. If you make an effort to find out what is troubling your family members, you can take immediate action to see that it never happens again. From then on, it is smooth sailing.


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