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Red Gerbera Daisies

Updated on March 15, 2017
Gerbera daisy pictures
Gerbera daisy pictures | Source

Beauty of Red Gerbera Daisy

Red Gerbera Daisies are strikingly beautiful fresh flowers that would adorn any table centerpiece, wedding bouquet or flower arrangement.

Gerbera belongs to the family of Asteracea, and they are most popular florist flowers after Carnations and Roses. Gerberas are also referred to as Gerbera Daisies, daisy being a general name for all species in the family Asteraceae, to which Gerberas belong.

With the help of the hybridization technique, Gerberas are available in a massive array of colors. Red gerbera daisies grow from 15 to 45 cm. Gerbera daisies are native to Transvaal, South Africa.

Gerber daisy can be used in landscapes as bedding plants for borders and flower beds or as Cut Flowers for table arrangements.

When compared to rose flowers gerbera flowers are cheaper in price.

Meaning of Gerbera Daisy

Gerberas in general, convey innocence, modesty and purity. Each colour has its own distinctive meaning to convey, and they are presented to convey the different meanings.

  • White Gerbera conveys innocence.
  • Light pink gerbera conveys admiration and sympathy.
  • Darker pink gerberas are symbol of gratitude.
  • Orange gerberas convey 'you are my sunshine'.
  • Yellow gerberas convey 'I will try harder'.
  • Red gerbera flowers convey love, passion and desire.

Gerbera daisy flowers are the fifth most popular flowers in the world.

Special occasions

Because of the stunningly beautiful colors of the flowers, many brides prefer to have Gerbera daisy wedding bouquets for the most special day of their life. On a Gerbera daisy wedding, various colors of this beautiful flower are used for the decoration.

Red gerbera daisy bouquets are filled with passion. They are vibrant and they inspire the deepest feeling of love. Among the gerbera daisy bouquets, Posey or hand-tied red bouquets are the best. A dozen of them or even more make a beautiful bridal bouquet.

On Valentines Day, gerbera flowers are in great demand, especially the red gerbera daisy.

Gerbera Cultivation

Growing Gerbera daisies can be done in an easy way. If you want to grow gerbera in an inexpensive way, the best way is to buy the seeds from the reputed gerbera seed suppliers. Seeds should be germinated in an artificial growing medium, that are sterile, lightweight, and have good water retention capacity and drainage. These can be readily purchased in the garden stores.

The media can be kept either in flat or in pot. If you are planning to grow your gerbera daisy in a pot, the pot should have drainage holes, to remove the excess water. After planting the seeds, water them and cover them with plastic sheet of glass and place the germination container approximately 18 inches below a fluorescent light. Water them daily at regular timings and check the medium for moisture and signs of seed germination.

If you are planning to grow at your home garden, proper houseplant care should be taken, to get good production of gerbera daisy flowers.

Red gerbera daisies grow best if they are fully exposed to the sun. They will also need partial shade, but they will need it only after they have already bloomed.

Ready for marketing
Ready for marketing | Source

Preserving gerbera daisy flowers

Cut gerbera daisies can be placed in a clean vase filled with clean water. If they lean down after a day or two, add a sugar cube to make them revive again. Water in the vase needs to be changed every 3 to 4 days and cutting their stems can also help to stay longer in the vase.


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