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Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

Updated on November 21, 2017

Make Your Bathroom Gorgeous


Big Changes For Small Money

There are fast and simple ways that you may give your entire bathroom a brand new appearance. Whether you are living in your home or planning to sell, an upgraded bathroom is essential to good living. The bathroom is the second most valuable area of your home, the kitchen being the first. Worth will be increased by any improvements to modernize the bathroom in your home. But remodeling bathrooms can be very costly. You don't want to go into debt just for a simple remodeling job. But there are a few things you can do to that will make a huge difference in the appearance of your bathroom. Here are five simple and fast improvements that won't drain your bank account:

1. The Vanity Tops

There are a couple ways to change a vanity top

Replacing the vanity top may be the most expensive of this list. However, old vanity tops can really take away from a nice bathroom, especially if they are dirty or leaking. This can be accomplished by turning the water off to the area. The tops are usually glued down, so they may need to be pried up or the glue may need dissolving. Once removed, it can be replaced fairly easily (Tops are now stock items at any given building supply business.) Paste down the top to the existing cabinet. Make sure you set bathroom and tub caulk around the rear and sides to give a clean finished look. Depending on what material you choose for your bathroom, a top can range anywhere from $200 to $1000. If you cannot afford to replace a vanity top, you can always paint the old one with special paint after sanding. This is an extremely inexpensive alternative and will change the whole bathroom.

2. Change That Dirty Old Faucet

Changing faucets is easy!

A modern faucet not only updates the d├ęcor, but changing the faucet can prevent leaks and hard water buildup. If you have chosen to replace the vanity top, change the faucet while the old top is off. It makes it much simpler to install with the top removed. Let your water connection hoses hang down after you have installed the vanity top to be hooked up at the shutoff valves. However, if you are not replacing the vanity tops, replacing the faucet can still be accomplished by going under the sink. Only a few tools are required to change a faucet: wrenches and possibly pliers. And a new faucet can cost under $100, making a beautiful change for cheap.

3. Get Down and Dirty With a New Toilet

Replace It Instead of Sweating It

An old, leaking or dirty toilet is the biggest turn-off in the bathroom universe. No one wants to sit their bare butt on pure horror. New toilets are available at every home improvement store and even at Costco for reasonable prices. Replacing a toilet is quite simple and only requires some wrenches and cleaning supplies. Switch off the water for this area. Toilets can be purchased as a whole connect (normally called "Toilets to Go") from most building supply firms. Remove the old wax ring, clean up the area as much as possible. This will ensure a clean seal for the brand new toilet. Clean, put a new wax ring around the flange (open hole) in the floor. The wax ring will be smashed into the toilet to develop a tight seal when it is lowered in the right spot. Replace the nuts and put new covers over the nuts. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep the toilet fresh and beautiful.

4. A Light Change

Making a Mood

Create an inviting and warm atmosphere can be accomplished with some changing in light fixtures. Harsh fluorescent lights can diminish charm in a bathroom, especially for a lady trying to apply makeup in the mirror. Go for a soft, natural lighting or even some dimmers over the tub. Light fixtures come with easy instructions and even tools, sometimes for just $60 and under. Just be sure to shut off the electricity to the area before changing the lights. Not turning it off can be very dangerous. However, these changes can be inexpensive and highly worth it.

5. Make Good Use of Your Space

Small Can Still Be Elegant

The way in which we put various items in a room can lead to opening space up or cramping it up. Although the bathroom isn't like all other rooms due to the existence of pipes plus lots of plumbing, by arranging things differently, freeing space might be impossible. Using space sensibly is crucial here. Corner spaces in bathrooms usually are disregarded. By putting sinks or corner shower stalls, making appropriate use of these corners can provide you some space in the toilet. If this really is not a possibility, you always have the option to get rid of bulky essentials like tubs and sinks and go in for smaller tubs, shower stalls, or base sinks.

6. BONUS Tip! A Fresh Coat of Paint Changes Everything

Paint Is A Cheap Way To Change The Whole Room

Whether the bathroom is already painted or has outdated wallpaper, the walls can be prepped with sandpaper and have a new color slapped right on. Paint can be under $30 a gallon and changing a paint job takes only an afternoon at the most! Paint can be changed countless times, unlike wallpaper or knocking out walls. A light color can really open up a small space. A bold accent wall can also really pull a bathroom together.

Doing only these few things may create a big difference in the entire look of your bathroom. It changes the entire feel of the room or can give life to any decor. Big changes don't have to cost a fortune and can make a house into a home.


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