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Installation Drive Belt for Murray Lawn Mower

Updated on October 21, 2013

Murray Riding Lawn Mower



Putting the drive belt on the Murray riding mower looks easy enough until you see the pulley system without the belt.

If you have never actually seen the drive belt on your pulleys on your Murray lawn mower.

You already know after trying to put your drive belt on. How confusing installing your motion belt can be and frustrating.

Don't feel bad I made several failed attempts. A matter of fact! My Murray riding mower sat for months. Before I found a diagram. Using the diagram gave me a visual guide to how the motion belt goes on the pulleys properly.

I went as far as removing my lawn mower deck and still couldn't properly put belt on.

I even at one point got the belt on and it worked for a little while then it threw the belt.

I wrote another article with free diagrams listed in the link section of the article for free Murray drive belt diagrams if the diagram on this article does not help you.

All you need is your model number off your Murray riding lawn mower.

Safety and Tips

  • Lower you Blade or Deck As Low As it Will Go
  • Remove Spark Plug
  • Remove Battery Cables
  • Use Flat End Screwdriver to Help Guide Belt on the Pulleys

Diagram of How a Murray Drive Belt Is Taken Off And Put On Your Murray


The Removal of Drive Belt

1) Take off the housing.

2) Push brake pedal down then engage the parking brake.

3) Unbolt and take off the idler pulley.

4) Loosen your belt guides where your drive pulleys are located.

5) Take off your motion belt from the drive pulley.

6) Remove your motion belt by pulling front end of belt under your stack pulley and back between your stack pulley and your belt guide plate.

7) Push end of motion belt up through the hole where your shift lever is than move shift lever to allow belt to push up. The belt should come loose and be free.

Murray Shifter Lever


Install Drive Belt

1) Place drive belt between the stack pulley and your belt guide plate. (Make sure the "V" side of the motion belt is against your pulley.

2) Push belt through the hole where your shifter lever is and over the shifter and down back through the hole again.

3) Put motion drive belt on the drive pulley.

4) Tighten belt guides.

5) Put belt around the idler pulley while making sure the flat side of the belt is against the pulley.

6) Adjust your clutch and reinstall your housing.

Remove Deck Method to Replace Drive Belt

Remove Mower Deck

If you prefer you can change your drive belt by removing the deck. Removing the deck is the easiest way to clean and remove your belt.

This is the best video I can find for removing and replacing the belts on most riding mowers.

How "V' Shaped Belt Go on The Pulleys

Pay close attention to what side the belt goes on with each pulley. You will quickly see the belt does not go on the way you imagined.

I found these to quality videos to give you an idea of how your Murray drive belt goes on.

Unfortunately, These to videos may not cover every model Murray but gives you an idea whether you follow the remove deck method or not remove you still will have a better idea how the belt weaves and runs through the pulleys.


Murray Free Manuals

Hopefully you can find your free Murray diagram here or try the other link.

Murray Riding Mower Belt Diagram Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot the possibilities of why the belt is worn or constantly get thrown off the pulleys. You will also find a helpful video and your free diagram for your Murray riding mower. All you need is your model number. You can go on there forum and ask questions if you get stuck.


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