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GE Reveal Light Bulb Review and Comparison

Updated on January 9, 2012

Don't ask me why but I recently decided that my room needed a better source of lighting and rather than going the traditional route of adding another lamp - I purchased one of the new GE Reveal Light Bulbs (the 63508 model, specifically).

Compared to the previous CFL light bulb I had in my lamp, I have noticed a world of difference between the two and must say, the Reveal light bulb was well worth its purchase.

If you're looking for a cheap, efficient way of brightening up your room than read on to see my review and comparison between the competitors.

GE 63508 Review and Stats

I'm not geek when it comes to understanding all the terminology about lighting but I do know that I want to leave less of an impact on the Earth (and the electric bill).

My criteria for finding a new light bulb was based on two factors:

  1. The light bulb MUST be bright
  2. The light bulb MUST be cost efficient

After spending about 20 minutes doing some comparison shopping - I had landed on the GE 63508 Reveal Light Bulb (don't let the name intimidate you).

Right on the packaging, I noticed some of the stats I was looking for:

  • It's a 60 watt replacement bulb
  • It only uses 15 Watts of power
  • It lasts a little over 7 years
  • It has 740 lumens (the measurement for how bright it is)

For about $10, I was a little hesitant to drop so much money on a single light bulb but I knew this thing was going to last me and greatly won over my older CFL I had been using before (my room was lit but it still felt very, very dark).


Before and After: Comparison

After getting home, I took out the old CFL and threw in the new Reveal light bulb - biiiiig difference!

I don't fully understand it but the Reveal brand is meant to give the light a cleaner look rather than the yellowish tint that many light bulbs emit. My room feels more as if it's day time than being lit up by a lamp which, in some ways, raises my mood.

This section may be a bit long-winded but I'm definitely happy with my purchase especially since the bulb will last a very long time, cost virtually nothing in the long run and is almost twice as bright as my last bulb.

If you were to use these throughout your house - you'd definitely see an improvement in the lighting and overall savings on the electric bill. It's a bit of a hit up-front on the cost but it'll pay itself out in the long-run.

(Check out the before and after shots to see the difference).

Final Thoughts

Overall, this new light bulb is exactly what I'm looking for and then some.

I work a lot, from home, and being in front of a computer in a dark room really gets to you over time which is why I wanted an upgrade in my lighting.

Since installing the bulb, my productivity has seem to gone up - it feels a lot more like I'm working during the day and so I get to avoid that "zoning out" feeling that the old lighting caused.

Maybe it's just me but I do feel a difference in my mood and well-being (I'm starting to sound crazy, ha!).

So, if you're looking for a new replacement on some of your old, outdated light bulbs than I suggest you check out some of these new Reveal bulbs. You'll spend a bit of money but you're going to save a lot in the long run.


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