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Review of Febreze Home Collection, Scented Reed Diffuser in Green Tea Citrus

Updated on October 21, 2009

 -Review also on AC.

I have always liked Febreze. It's rare for me to come across a scent by Febreze that I do not like, and I actively seek out their limited edition fragrances.

This weekend though I came across a little something, something from Febreze that got me all excited. They have a new collection called the Home Collection. The Home Collection features a bunch of new goodies from Febreze; the collection includes new flame-less light up lanterns, reed diffusers and candles.

I went straight for the Green Tea Citrus Reed Diffuser.

I was not able to open the package in the store to get a hint of what the scent might smell like, but located directly on the box were one of those scratch and sniff sample stickers. I scratched the sticker and got a nice refreshing buzz of green tea and citrus. There really is no other was to describe it. The sticker smelled good, a nice mix of green tea, and refreshing uplifting citrus. I liked the scent a lot, and went ahead and splurged on the Reed Diffuser.

It came to $9.97 for those who are curious. To me $9.97 is pretty expensive for a reed diffuser. Normally I buy them for $2.00-$5.00 the most. I told myself that if the diffuser did not work well I'd pack it back up in its box and get my money back.

Febreze, Home Collection, Green Tea Citrus Reed Diffusers come packed with a nice glass bottle which contains the oil, and it comes with a bunch of reed diffusers.

At home, I opened the package, and yanked off the protective seal that keeps the oil from leaking out. Immediately the overpowering delicious mouth watering scent filled the air. I had a pretty good hunch that this powerful little number would do its job and do it well.

I placed in all of the wooden reeds, and let the diffuser do its thing. It did not take long for the magic to begin to spread through the air. The energizing green tea scent was flawless, while the uplifting citrus puts an energetic vibe all throughout the air. I would not just call this one a scented reed diffuser, I'd call it aroma therapy at its best because the scent definitely does something wonderful to the senses.

As of right now, the diffuser is placed in our kitchen, which is very, very large. Amazingly enough, the Green Tea Citrus Reed Diffuser is capable of filling the air with its scent. The scent has remained for days, and the Home Collection Reed Diffuser gets compliment after compliment from our guests. Many of them are amazed that such a tiny thing is capable of filling up an entire room in the home with such powerful delicious fragrance.

Febreze Home Collection, Green Tea Citrus Reed Diffuser works perfectly. It delivers powerful long lasting scent, and it works a heck of a lot better than I initially thought it would.

It has become my favorite Febreze product to date, and I highly, highly recommend it.


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