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Product Review of Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

Updated on November 4, 2013

Leaves are falling fast as the wind picks up, whirling about us and whispering chilly hints of winter in our numbing ears. Behind the brilliancy of autumn colors lies a foreboding unknown for which we must be prepared. As I live in the Midwest where winter seasons have become legendary, buying a good space heater was a necessity for me this year. Heating an apartment efficiently can be difficult to do, but space heaters are helpful when it comes to warming up small spaces in a short amount of time.

After searching for a good electric heater, we found a great deal on one from Bed Bath & Beyond (those coupons come in handy). The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater Model 5521 has been a great purchase so far, and I feel much more confident and warm facing the frigid months ahead. We were looking for an inexpensive electric space heater that heats efficiently and safely, and the Lasko Heater 5521 turned out to be just that. Although at first I thought this heater was a little small at 23 inches tall, it surprised me in how quickly it warms up a room. We mostly use it at night when we are home from work and want to heat the bedroom a few extra degrees before going to sleep.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater Model 5521
Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater Model 5521


  • Oscillation heats your room more evenly
  • Portable and small for easy carrying from room to room
  • Inexpensive purchase fits in your budget easily
  • Heats efficiently so you can keep your central heat thermostat lower
  • Hot air blowing out heats a room fast in only a short amount of time
  • Remote control so you can control heat from your toasty couch or bed
  • Built-in thermostat and 8-hour timer
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Quiet
  • High, Low, and Auto heat settings
  • Uses 1500 watts

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  • Auto setting only runs with high heat, not low
  • Although the heater itself is quiet, the buttons make high-pitched beeping noises which could possibly wake others up
  • Electric heat, which can be costly, but if balanced well with other heating sources, it can help lower costs
  • Only heats one room at a time

This product is good for...

  • Heating small spaces, including offices and bedrooms
  • Use in a small apartment to heat specific rooms
  • Portable heat

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Overall, I think this is a great electric space heater for the price. It's safe, and it heats up the room quickly. We use it sparingly to save on electricity, but when we do turn it on, it works efficiently and quietly. One way we use the space heater efficiently is keeping rooms closed that we don't need heated. That way we don't waste electricity heating up space we aren't going to spend time in. We also keep the thermostat on the wall at a lower temperature and just use the space heater to heat up the room those last few degrees to make our home nice and warm. Would I buy it again? Yes, I am a much warmer and happier person because of this space heater.


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