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Review of My-Kap That Allows Reuse Of Keurig K-Cups

Updated on October 4, 2012

Review Of the My-Kap Keurig K-Cup Reusable System

I wrote this hub for the benefit of anyone who is looking for a way to save money on Keurig K-Cups. There are basically two choices for reusable K Cups and one (In my opinion), does not work very well at all.

My own Keurig coffee maker has literally changed the way I look at mornings. It may sounds funny and like some kind of advertising slogan, but it is true. No longer do I have to mess around with filling the coffee maker with water or grounds in the morning, or wait several minutes for it to brew a whole pot of coffee. I don't spend as much money at Starbucks, so I'm finding that using the Keurig is actually saving me money. (In fact my wife and I have not been there since getting our Keurig for Christmas last year.)

I simply set my Keurig to pre-heat, and in the morning I just walk down the stairs and pull the handle down, and it brews one of several dozen coffee blends directly into my cup.

Keurig's Own "My K-Cup" Not Worth The Money

What I did not like about the Keurig K-Cup coffee pods was the fact that I was throwing away as many as five of the little plastic cups each day. I figured that there must be a better way and I found that Keurig makes a reusable K-Cup called "My K Cup". I ordered one, excited with the fact that in addition to helping save the environment I could brew my own fresh ground blend. Well it finally came from Amazon in about four days, and after brewing my first cup I was very disappointed.

Here is the problem with the "My K Cup": The My K Cup is not anything like the little K - Cups that you buy in the store. It consists of a screen and plastic receptacle that you put into your Keurig instead of the one that the little disposable cups fit into. Every time you want to use a disposable K cup, you must take the receptacle out, and put the original one in, then put in the disposable cup. What a pain! Also, instead of the hot water remaining in the plastic cup long enough to leach all the yummy coffee flavor out of the grounds, it simply runs out the bottom and sides of the plastic cup instead.

What you end up with up, even on the smallest cup setting, is a cup of weak coffee. I hate weak coffee, since I usually mix mine with a lot of milk.

So, I packed it up and returned the Keurig My K Cup to the merchant. I should have read the reviews on Amazon before buying it, because it seems that many people had the same complaint as I did about weak coffee.

A Better Reusable Keurig K-Cup.

Nothing really works as good as the little K Cups you buy in the store, so why not just re-use them? The filter media will last for dozens of brewings, but how would you put new coffee in them and keep it there? Someone figured that one out and invented the My-Kap lid.

All that you have to do is take one of the store bought K Cups, use it once, then empty out the coffee. Rinse it out under the tap, let it dry, then grind yourself some coffee and put it in the K Cup. Next you just snap the My-Kap lid in place, brush off any excess coffee and use it again just like it was new from the store. Below is a video showing just how simple it is.

These little lids are not really cheap, but they are made from virtually indestructible heat resistant plastic and should last you a lifetime.

At first I cracked a couple of the used Keurig K Cups when removing the My-Kap. That's because I didn't read the instructions and forced it out by squeezing the sides of the cup. There is a removal tool included and you can also use the end of the brush that comes with the caps as a removal tool. Since I figured that out I have not cracked a single K-Cup.

I have now reused one single Keurig K cup over 30 times, and there has been no change in the flavor of the coffee. You can get the My-Kaps in different colors to denote different blends, such as decaf, etc. . If you want to pre-fill them, all you need to do is allow your used cups to dry fully before filling. Then you can place a dozen or so of them in a Ziploc bag for use whenever.
I'm very happy with the My-Kap system. I just wish I had bought it first before buying the "My - K-Cup".

How To Put A Kap On A K-Cup


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