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Rise of the Stash Can

Updated on May 3, 2012
Need a Rockstar to keep your valuables safe? Or maybe you'd prefer a different stash can? Either way, there's one for you!
Need a Rockstar to keep your valuables safe? Or maybe you'd prefer a different stash can? Either way, there's one for you!

I thought at first that it was just my small corner of the world getting into this trend, but after spending a few weeks thoroughly looking into it, it seems that there is an ever growing trend in the use of what's known as STASH CAN's or CAN SAFE's. I'm waiting on the expose for the person who came up with the idea, but until then I'll have to be happy praising their creative imagination. I have so far purchased to myself, and they mighty useful! My favorite so far, has been an inexpensive Mountain Dew can that fits nicely in my purse, which I can use to stash my meds, spare keys and money.

After finding that Amazon, Ebay and dozens of other sites have thousands of options for various diversion stash cans, I decided it would be worth creating a hub - both for those of you whom aren't yet aware that such a wonderful option is available to you for keeping your important items safe, but mainly for those of you still not sure what kind of stash can you want to get.

There's a can for every taste and need!

If you enjoy the soda cans, you'll like these too!

  • Starbucks Coffee Doubleshot Can
  • Rockstar Energy Drink Can
  • Monster Energy Drink Can
  • Coors Light Beer Can
  • Old English 800 Beer
  • Red Bull Can
  • Budweiser Can
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Coffee Mate Industrial Can
  • Kona Hawaiian Coffee Can

Stash Can's for Soda Lovers

Obviously, if you're trying to be inconspicuous, you want to choose a stash can that blends in well with your surroundings. I think this is really why stash cans started out in a simple format - Soda Cans. There are way to many to list here in one module, so I'll just leave ya with the light list and you can browse for your preferred flavor if it's not here.

  • Arizona Iced Tea
  • A&W Rootbeer
  • Brisk Iced Tea
  • Mountain Dew
  • Canada Dry
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Diet Coke
  • Welch's
  • Sprite
  • Pepsi
  • Coke
  • 7up

Prefer a Healthier Option? There's a stash can for you too!

Aside from the humor in it all, it really is interesting how much time the creators of the stash cans have put into making sure that ALL forms of cans were made - including stash can's that fit in with your healthier life style. So if you're not big on sugar sodas and juices, you might like the:

  • Dasani Water Bottle
  • Aquafina Water Bottle
  • Old Fashion Peanut Butter Jar

Stash Cans for Mechanics

Whether you need something inconspicuous to hide a spare shop key in, or somewhere protective to keep your wedding ring while getting your hands all greasy, there's definitely a stash can available for you! There are many different versions of the stash can that would be very well suited for use in an automotive shop - just make sure it's not confused with a real can!

You might like to also check out these Stash Cans:

  • Big Puncture Seal Can (It's like fix-a-flat)
  • DW-40 (Your favorite penetrating lubricant!)
  • Scotch Guard for Autmobiles
  • JB Engine Degreaser
  • JB Oil Treatment
  • Break Cleaner

Why I like my stash cans

  • Most of them fit right into my purse or pocket
  • I have yet to see an item they have not turned into a stash can, which really feeds my need for variety.
  • Kids like them as well, which makes them great if your son or daughter has glasses they take off for swimming, sports or other adventures. Getting them a can that symbolizes something they like, encourages them to keep there things safe to, which saves you money (bonus!).
  • Most of them are within the 8 to 20 dollar range, making them an affordable investment (at least in my broke world).

Stash Can's for Painters

That's right, if you paint, there's a can here for you! This is something I wish they would have come up with back when I still ran my painting business. There were countless times when I would lose a precious item while up on a later, or while picking up all the drop cloths. It would have been nice to have had a:

  • Can of LusterCare Semi Gloss (in green AND red)
  • Spray Can of Garage Paint

Like to keep things clean? Try one of these...

It's strange to think of it, but I actually know quite a few owners of Cleaning or Maid businesses. It seems to have been a popular theme in the recession, and an easy business to start up if you already like things clean and clutter free. Or it could just be that your a Neat Freak and you're proud! Either way, check out these unique diversion cans:

  • Ajax Stash Can
  • Comet Stash Can
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Lint Roller Stash Can
  • Aerosol Air Duster Can

Yummy Stash Cans

Some are a great, some are weird, but all of these items are yummy to someone out there! So if you have some of these items in your pantry, on your shelves or in your office kitchen, you might find a food related stash can will fit your lifestyle the best.

  • Van Camps Pork And Beans Can
  • Del Monte Big Mix Vegetables
  • Del Monte Whole Kernal Corn
  • Del Monte Fruit Cocktail
  • Del Monte Potatoes
  • S&W Vegetables
  • Pringles Big Can
  • Campell's Soup
  • Cheeto's Can

Why a Stash Can?

I mean seriously, you could put your valuables anywhere... Under the mattress... In an old sock... Under your doormat or rock... In the bank... In an old drawer of "important things"... But really, if not just because most of these old tired places are dead giveaways to would be thieves or human forgetfulness, then at very least you can stash your stuff in style. Seriously though, there are some REAL reasons that stash can's are rising to the top of the necessary personal accessories list. Stash cans are great for:

  • Keeping important items dry when you're in a wet environment (they're airtight!)
  • Deceiving the suspicious eyes of anyone roaming through your purse (especially theives and children)
  • Keeping important passwords, keys or other small and VERY important office items safe.
  • Storing your medicinal marijuana or prescriptions in a dry and temperature stable environment.
  • Keeping "adult" items hidden from youthful views. I've known a few people who kept their 'personal pleasure' items in a larger energy drink can. At one point it was put to the test when her kids got into her bedroom drawers. They didn't suspect a thing, or think it was weird that their mom had an energy drink her closet drawers!
  • Keeping some Mad Money safe for those "oh crap" or "just in case" moments. You never know when something might come up. And it usually happens when you're to far from a bank or atm, or the banks are closed. Keeping some saved funds in a larger stash can will make it so that you always have funds available when you need them.
  • You probably wouldn't believe it, but the right stash can makes an interesting tool for Proposing to your lover. I once heard of a story through the grapevine that a guy did that. He put an engagement ring in a soda stash can and put it in the fridge with the rest of the sodas. When his girl pulled out the can, she had the hardest time just trying to get the tab up, and when she finally got it, she broke the tab off. In frustration she tossed that can, which is when she heard the "clink" the ring made inside. It didn't take long for her to find the opening and pull out her new engagement ring with a note from her blushing groom-to-be.
  • Keeping your jewelry safe (while we're on the topic), is like protecting a large investment. Good jewelry is expensive and hard to replace. So if you have to remove something while you work, play or relax, a stash can is a great place to keep it so you know you won't lose it and it won't get damaged somehow.
  • Taking on vacation to keep your small valuables safe. If you're driving, taking a train or floating on a boat to some great vacation getaway, then a stash can could become your preferred way to keep things stashed away.

Strange But Creative Others...

I wouldn't have thought it could be done, but yes, they've created a Battery Stash Can. It's strange, small and you could really only hide something very small, like diamonds or pills in them. Though that might be helpful if you've got just one or two daily meds to take, and you want to keep them both clean and safe. So far I've seen Duracell, Energizer and a few off brand labels. Several are already being shipped to me, as I am curious if Energizer will have this market cornered as well as they have with the REAL battery industry, lol.

There are also some interesting Candle Holder diversion safe cans, which might fit in well if you already have lots of candles around your house. I use candles for all sorts of things, so this would be perfect for me, so long as no one tried to light it.

Now, I'm not sure who in their right mind still uses Aquanet Hairspray, but if you do, or you'd just like your stash can to be a great item for breaking the ice at impromptu parties, then this canwould be for you. It might also make a great humorous gift for someone turning 40. Just be careful if they don't think the joke is funny and throw the can at you - it's a lot heavier than an actual can full of hairspray.

Speaking of hairspray... If you'd like to accessorize your stash can to your love of all things hair related, you might like to take a gander at this interesting Hair Brush diversion safe. I know, I know! It's not a "can" really, but it's still cool, and I love the creativity of it. There are just so many different types out there.

While we're on the topic of weird but interesting other types of diversion safes, there are also a number of chapstick, shaving cream, secret dice, car cigarette lighters, nail polish bottles and even computer mice!

The Downside to Stash Cans

Let's be real. If these things were 'perfect', it would be too good to be true, wouldn't it? Thankfully, there are flaws, and I've found most of them. There aren't many though, which makes them a pretty safe investment if you're only spending up to $20 bucks. The flaws I've found:

  • The tab breaks off - Now, I'm not sure how this would be fixed, because it wouldn't be a great diversion if the tabs were welded or glued to the top of the can, but it would be nice if they weren't removable.
  • There's no "squeeze" to the soda cans. Now, while this isn't a horrible feature, it's kind of a dead giveaway that it's not an actual can of soda, when you can't get that "squishy" feeling, unless of course you like to shake up your cans before you drink them.
  • They're heavy! Most of the soda can's are close to the actual weight of a full soda can, but the other stash cans I've had the pleasure of handling, are all way of weight to their counterpart items. Again, not a big deal, until someone picks it up and thinks, "I wonder why this is so heavy?"
  • Most of them won't go through metal detectors. Now, who knows if any inspectors would think to check the can. It would depend on your luck for that day. Though just in case, I wouldn't try to take them through any airports or other high security places.
  • Some of them are kid MAGNETS. Things like the cheeto's can or soda cans. I have yet to meet a kid who has figured out that the can is fake, but those occasions usually result in broken tabs or lids. So if you have youngsters, you'll want to choose a can that isn't faking an item on their high priority list, and you'll want to be double as careful in where you keep the can.
  • Sometimes, they are just TOO COOL. Why is this a bad thing you ask? Because you'll want to show off your stash can to everyone, which kind of defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?


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      Diana Grant 3 years ago from London

      I do like stash cans, but the trouble is that every burglar and wouild be thief knows about them nowadays