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Black And White Romantic Bedding

Updated on February 21, 2009

Elegant Black and White Bedding

Zeus Black and White Bedding is available in King or Queen size
Zeus Black and White Bedding is available in King or Queen size

Zeus Black and White Comforter Set

Adding romantic elegance to your bedroom does not require thousands of dollars and the eye of an interior decorator. Creating a romantic bedroom for you and your love is as easy as picking and choose bedding and accessories that seduce the senses.

Romantic bedding is more affordable then ever before and can be puchased by even those on the strictest budgets. Remember when trying to get the best romantic bedding deals, that sometimes less is more. You don't need every picture frame or table weight that matches your set. Pick and choose a few pieces that will accentuate the romantic bedding look you are trying to achieve.

Starting with a Romantic bedding black and white comforter set is classic and allows the couple to change color schemes quite simply. Deep Reds, classic purples, blues, pinks, let your imagination determine your mood and choose accenting colors that reflect yours and your loves personality.

Ivory Satin Sheet Set

Renaissance 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

Choosing a sheet set is really first determined by what the couple prefers against their skin. The silkiness and luxuriousness of satin or silk can help get any couple in the right frame of mind just before bedtime.

Avoid flannels or jersey fabrics. Why have the romantic comforter if your only going to cuddle under flannel sheets. Spark a mood and go for something more luxurious but with the same affordable flannel sheet set price.

Renaissance 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set seen on the right is fine woven 100% cotton sateen sheet sets. Pillowcase hems and flat sheet hems have a marrow stitch. The fitted sheets are extra deep and fully elasticized with a 16 inch pocket, deep enough to fit a mattress up to 18 inches deep.

Window Drapes

Choosing window curtains or drapes is almost as hard as choosing the romantic bedding. You want something that matches, but in a complimentary or contrasting way?

Either allow the drapes to pull the fabric of the romantic bedding further into the room by choosing something of similar color and pattern, or allow the window curtains to bring in the color of your choosing into the room.

Choosing to go with reds, purples, blues, etc in your drapes can be a great way to show off the colors. But, for a more elegant look, stick to your bedding colors and find something that pulls the luxuary look from the bed to the wall.

Black and White Art


Art is another way to really change a boring and drab bedroom into a hotel style romantic bedroom for couples. What art reflects the personality of the couple should be a decision made together.

Art doesn't have to be expensive. Purchasing prints from famous pieces is an excellent way to get a beautiful piece of art and showcase it in your own romantic bedroom.

Black and White prints are an excellent way to bring in a mood and they are so affordable. Under $10 for a print that will bring life to your romantic bedroom is a steal.


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