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Rookie House Wife VS. Kitchen Sink

Updated on July 16, 2011

Day one done...

I walked away from my computer after commenting on my last hub and went to the Kitchen. It was not so bad. I thought maybe I could get thru day one of my new Fly Lady's quest. This quest was the result of a chance meeting of one fellow hubber and her friend.  I feel Krysanthe and Pandora will be with me thru the long haul. I looked myself right in the eye and said 'SELF!, she didn't say clean everything, she said shine the sink. There is no reason to put it off until tomorrow at all.' I pulled my big girl pants on and I did it the fastest way that I knew how. I grabbed the clorox and planned on filling the sink. That is when it all started...

I knew exactly how to plug up one side so I filled it with hot water and poured the Clorox in. At midnight, I can't say that I was really paying attention to the amount I put in. I am sure my hand slipped. I didn't realize that I said it that loud but out of my mouth came, 'OH CRAP! My eyes are burning!' Then a few minutes later my husband comes out and says the entire house smells like clorox. Ok, this is day one of the series. My house has no business smelling like clorox. It's like false advertisement considering there is so much to get done in this house. It has no business smelling like clorox...yet. I threw in the yet because I am a believer that positive thoughts brings positives outcomes so even tho my eyes are melting from the fumes of clorox, the yet is my attempt at staying hopeful.

Ok, now it is time for the other sink! I look down and this huge whole. I don't even want to know what the garbage disposal is supposed to look like, gross. I thought to myself, 'what am I supposed to shove down that to be able to fill it with water?' I grabbed a small towel, but couldn't bare to have it touch...cringe...the garbage disposal. Wait, I gotta gag a little. So I begin to look for anything else that I can use. That whole is huge! Then my husband asks, 'where's the stopper?'. What stopper? We have a stopper for this side. The one I used on the other side is really small. Then he tells me that it was all black. Still didn't ring a bell. Then he added that it looked like a piece from the Sorry game. OHHHH! Is that what that thing was for? I have not seen that thing in forever. I looked in the drawers, under the sink, in the cabinet & nothing. I then remember that I have this habit of throwing out anything that I don't use or haven't used in a year. I have lived in this house for 3 years now. I pull out the huge smile. I am known for it. Then usually something from the shoulder itches and I have a sudden urge to say 'Hi honey!' We are at the stage of marriage when he knows what that means. Hehehehe... Luckily, I found this white flat thing that says its a stopper, but it is flat. A little fight got it to stay down and not float and in went the Clorox. I scrubbed the crevices of the faucet, drinking water spout, and that spray thingy and was done. I figured I would just leave the clorox in overnight.

Why is it, that I am always wearing something that is not white when Clorox is around me. GRRRR! I wasn't planing on cloroxing. It missed my entire chest and my arms which were covered by a WHITE shirt but noooo. The water has to miss the 40% of available upper body and land on my favorite, light, forest green, cargo pants. ARRGH GRRR! I love those pants, if you see me in them just praise me on my sink accomplishments and ignore the obvious, odd shaped, white spot on my leg. This is my new style! I have a gorgeous maxi dress with the spot on the botton and a blue sweater with it on the sleeve and neck (that happened at a restaurant, not even my clorox!).

The next morning, with tiredness written on my face, I woke up and chased a collage of 2nd graders all over SeaWorld. Yeay! At this rate, all the hubs will be delayed, but you know what? My sink shined and I had my laces tied which was step two! HA! I will now flaunt my peuny arm muscles and preform a tribal dance around my cluttery kitchen with a clean sink!

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Many Blessings!


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    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Thank you for the support and the comments ladies...

    • Krysanthe profile image

      Kathy Hull 6 years ago from Bloomington, Illinois

      Woot! So glad you got the sink done. Does it make you smile? Mine still does.

      I agree with pandora...maybe FlyLady should start selling bleach stained clothes in her shop *Day One: Order FlyBaby Uniform*

    • pandora99 profile image

      pandora99 6 years ago from Charles Town, West Virginia

      Yay! You conquored the sink!!!! I love the fashion statement..perhaps that should be a flybaby uniform. :)