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Rookie House Wife Vs. Point and Paint

Updated on July 16, 2011

To buy or not to buy...

I don't regret buying it. I do wish that I had gotten it for a little bit less. It made for a really exciting day for me. So, after living in this house for years, I decide to paint the entry way. With work, this was on a long list of things that I may have never ever gotten around to do. I had the paint I needed in the garage and work was not a problem anymore.

I like to use the small thin rollers to paint. They soak up less paint, are easier on the body, and help me get the job done faster. The problem was that I had the paint rolls with no holder (it was at Mom's). I had the regular paint roller with no rolls. So I pull out the Point and Paint I bought ages ago. I loved the little one. It really took on the edges pretty well. It was light and easy to use. The big one was fine while I used it in my hands. I did need 2 coats because the first coat did have stroke lines and was not even. Now it came time for the high parts of my wall and that is when the party began. I put a pole on the big pad and started painting. I did the edges and was happy to see that it was pretty easy. The paint even seemed to dry faster for some reason. Then I stepped away from the edge. What a nightmare! The pad would spin uncontrollably. I couldn't paint a straight line to save my life. I was hysterical laughing. Then at one point the entire pad popped right off of the pole and hit the floor. So, yes, it drips a lot less than regular painting until it hits the floor. Thankfully the carpenters daughter in me knows to have a wet wash cloth at arms length for quick and easy clean up! Once it popped off the first time it became a trend. There were no broken pieces, it just popped when I applied pressure to reduce the spinning. In the end the area was successfully painted & it didn't take too long.

So here are some Pros and Cons for you
Its light weight, uses less paint, & gets really close to the edges. Its great for over the door and closets. It is great for young children who want to help since it makes for less messes. It makes the edge work a little easier.

It is not recommended for people who are serious about getting the job done. The spinning and popping off can be really frustrating for someone with out a sense of humor. You will still need to do the edge work with a small brush or foam brush.

Or stick to what you know...


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